12 Companies That Changed Their Products And People Hated It

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Starbucks’ New Rewards Levels

In April 2019, Starbucks debuted a new rewards program that made it more difficult to accumulate enough “star” points to qualify for a free beverage or food item. Although customers would still get two stars for every $1 spent, they would now need to get 150 stars to score a free handcrafted beverage and 200 points to get a free lunch sandwich, up from 125 stars each.

The Backlash

Starbucks customers took to Twitter and Facebook to share their ire, with many threatening to take their business elsewhere.

“Starbucks, your new rewards ‘options’ suck,” wrote one tweeter. “You’re not giving anyone more choice; you’re just giving your bottom line more [money] and fewer expenses when it comes time for redemption. You want to improve the rewards program? Keep redemption values at 125.”

Another Starbucks customer wrote on Facebook: “Well Starbucks, until you bring back your old reward program or make significant changes I will happily be buying my coffee elsewhere.”

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