8 of the Worlds Most Secretive Military Bases

Image By Evgeny Prokofyev From Shutterstock

Mount Yamantau and Mezhgorye

Much like the U.S. military installation and defensive bunker at Cheyenne Mountain, it’s believed that a similar facility exists somewhere in the Ural mountains of Russia, and the U.S. authorities believe it is located on Mount Yamantau. Many eyewitness accounts going back to the 90’s have suggested that some sort of installation was being created.

Although the Russian authorities have claim the site is everything from a mining site, a storage facility for food or treasure, or a place for Russian officials to wait out a potential nuclear apocalypse, few believe them. Most of that is to do with the fact that beside this complex, there is the town of Mezhgorye, a town that despite apparently having 17,000 occupants, doesn’t exist on any maps. There also being several military battalions stationed between the town and the mountain hasn’t convinced anyone.



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