9 Unexpected Things You Can Clean in Your Washing Machine

Photo by Viacheslav Nikolaenko from Shutterstock

9. Mop heads

Your mop head is getting dirtier than the hardwood floor you want to clean with it? If the answer is yes, mop heads get really dirty after several uses and we are actually used to throw them in the trash. However, you should steer clear of this habit.

Maids by Trade, a professional house cleaning service, says there’s no harm in tossing a removable mop head in your washing machine, as long as it’s not made of sponge material. Just “add a half cup of bleach to the washing machine and wash the mop by itself on a normal cycle.”

Once it’s gone through the normal cycle, remove any excess water by squeezing it and, after that, get back to making those hardwood floors sparkle.

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