14 Amazing Winter Date Ideas

Since winter is upon us, don’t you think it’s time to bring fresh stuff to your dating life? In this article, our experts from Ukrainian Dating Site present the top 14 ideas of how you can have a splendid time during the cold season of the year.

  1. Have a spa day

Undeniably restoring and beneficial. All those magic treatments can really bring your connection to another level! Besides, they make you more attractive physically.


  1. Go hiking

If the weather allows, you can even take a two-day camping trip. Exercising in nature makes our bodies to produce special hormones that boost the chemistry between two lovers.

  1. Ride sleigh

Just like in that old song we all know too well. And yeah, this is indeed fun! What could be more romantic than riding across the evening city in the dead of winter?

  1. Take up ice skating

Again and again, we encourage you to bring physical activity to your dating life. If one of you can make it to the ice rink, why not do it in a pair?


  1. Go to the theatre

In our view, cultural development is essential for one’s personal growth. In winter, there are normally dozens of thematic opera, ballet, and drama spectacles.

  1. See ice sculptures

You probably heard about this kind of shows. And what we should tell you is that they can be super amazing. Go and check out on your own, after all!

  1. Have a hot bath

Together, we mean. Seriously, how about creating your very own spa treatment? This surely saves you money and doesn’t require leaving your cosy home.

  1. Set a movie marathon

It may be really difficult to get out of your home when it’s cold and snowy outside. Well, there is the solution: grab your lover, bring your favourite food, and pick your most-loved films.

  1. Make fondue

On the one hand, it requires fewer efforts than cooking a full course dinner. On the other hand, this is ultimately fascinating and delightful. Do you really need more arguments?

  1. Taste wine

Winter is likely the best time for tasting fine beverages. Sure you can find some appropriate classes in your city or town to learn and loosen up simultaneously.


  1. Attend a workshop

Whatever craft you are into and whatever your skills are. It’s not about perfectionism; it’s only about spending your time together and enjoying the atmosphere.  

  1. Visit a burlesque show

It’s like you attend a never-ending party. Watching burlesque together can indeed strengthen your mutual sexual tension so a productive night is guaranteed.

  1. Explore the nearest museum

Education can also be entertaining and romantic. Decide what you both would be interested in and rush to a local museum in order to discover new things.

  1. Shop for Christmas gifts

How could we forget about Christmas markets?! A plenty of things to eat, to see and to do. There’s apparently no a greater suggestion for an outdoor date.

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