30 Possible Darwin Award Candidates


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12 thoughts on “30 Possible Darwin Award Candidates”

    1. My hubby has done cable, tree trimming, all kinds of stuff in the air. But if I ever saw him using ladders like THIS we would have a serious talk!!

  1. I don’t get it. Darwin awards are (at least I thought) about doing something really stupid, but without any captions, we don’t even know how many of these oopsies even happened, so how do you know it is Darwinism?

    1. Well, after spending a LONG time trying to figure out how to edit my post, I am just going to post another because I am unable to locate the ‘edit’ button! I see that many of the pics are obvious but that the title even says “possible” in it, so ????

  2. I guess we better keep guns out of the hands of THESE women for their own good. They are all for the pirate patch I guess!

  3. None of the photos are in the running for a Darwin Award. Darwin Awards are issued to persons that contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions.
    These selections are of idiots that are doing stupid stunts so they will be posted on the internet and will live to post more shots showing their stupidity.

  4. Darryl Split Splat

    Most, if not ALL, of these and the other crap on the Darwin Awards site are photoshopped if not outright lies!

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