21 Insanely Awkward Airport Security Moments


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18 thoughts on “21 Insanely Awkward Airport Security Moments”

  1. What happened to the skeleton view and why aren’t there partitions around each check point for some privacy. Stripping someone in public is just not necessary when cheap partitions can be put up. I realize the danger but privacy and respect can be worked out, it looks as if no attempt what so ever has been made to make stripping not public. Gees, seems creepy and why is it the pretty girls with shapes are the ones being stripped while those like me are not. Like I said, creepy.

  2. I notice none of these people are middle eastern. Why not screen the people most likely to be a terrorist instead of humiliating regular people?

    1. I’m with you. They strip the 14 year old girls, grope the ancient grannies, give wedgies to dwarfs in wheelchairs while the bearded men go marching by. Idiots!

  3. Karen Van Benschoten

    I am a wheelchair user, and I have to go through the pat down process every time. At least they haven’t made me take my clothes at O’Hare or Mitchell Field (Milwaukee).

  4. This picture with the girl in the skin tight black outfit? What on earth did they think she could be hiding–and where at? Disgusting!

  5. not one of those people fit the demographic that has been involved in any act that resulted in harm to America since 1979. Except the one with the Blue Bra, I understand why she need strip searched.

    1. True, maybe, but what better way to get a bomb onboard than through an elderly person whose family is held hostage, or whose family has been threatened with death, unless the senior citizen cooperates.

  6. I blame it on everyone who travels that way. Stop flying and the airlines will go broke thus demanding the government stop the insanity. As long as people let them do this, it will continue.

  7. What is wrong with this country. Why only the white pretty, young girls. I would leave the airport before I would be so humiliated.

  8. Four years ago in Miami I was pulled from a crown. 62 years old just had knee replacement surgery 3 weeks prior. I did set off the metal detector. I have. A card from the hospital that says I have two knee replacements ands metal rod in my neck and back. I was put in a clear glass very small locked box in front of everyone! The check my bra felt my breasts, never looked at my knees to see the. 12 inch scars from surgery. I was in this hot box for 45 minutes. I nearly had a heart attack. Was so mortified. Then they unlocked the door and said you are done! The girl doing this spoke broken English. It disgusts me. Never will i ever go thru Miami again.

  9. I flew with EAL from 1973 till 1993 and none of this was ever needed !! It is a sham a feel good measure for the gov. it does nothing but insult our fellow citizens of the USA!! If they want a plane to go down it will there is no holding them back just wait and see!! Protect yourself and you family!!

  10. I had one on 01/26/2016 at Portland Oregon International Airport. I had inadvertently left my drivers license at a place I visited the day before.
    I was marched with two TSA officers in front two in back I was in the middle … Believe me I DID NOT fell like I was important at all.
    Hundreds of people saw me and especially all my contents of my carry-on were taken out and placed on a table 6 feet in front of me while I sat in a chair….THEN I was very thoroughly body searched in front of everyone.
    One thing I lost was 2 containers of Burgerville sauce that was supposed to be in my luggage stowed on the plane…NOT my carry-on. The other was my complete set of dentures.
    I did make a official complaint.

  11. It is infuriating and outrageous to even look at the humiliation and violation these images portray- for all of those individuals. I have to wonder how many actual acts of terror these invasive pat downs have really prevented. Any? At all? I’d really like to know. When my kids were young, just after 9-11, TSA agents in D.C. would pull me aside to do extra security on me. I often had to buy an airline ticket spur of the moment due to my mother’s serious health issues and critical hospitalizations. My tickets were marked with x’s on the bottom signifying the “need” for extra screening due to the rush purchase. Sometimes they’d pull me to a partition away from my young kids where I could not see or watch them. The 22 year old TSA agents sure weren’t going to keep an eye on them for me. When I freaked out and protested enough they brought my kids over to me so I can see them. It was EXTREMELY frustrating!!!

  12. The TSA gets of on this kind of stuff! I went through this multiple times flying from Orlando and multiple times towel heads walk right around security and go where they please. The TSA is not our friend!!

  13. I’m ok with all of it. You always have the option to take a bus if you don’t want to deal with the security. You’d all be bitching if a plane went down to. Quit crying.

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