12 Cringeworthy Statues of Famous People That Look Nothing Like Them

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While getting a statue made of someone seems like one of the most honorable ways to immortalize them, that’s not always the case: many statues of famous individuals turn out looking nothing like them.

These mishaps have occurred with restorations of classic art works as well as wax figures of celebrities, but there’s nothing quite like a carved statue to highlight cringeworthy inaccuracies.

Here are statues of famous people that turned out looking much worse than the person they represent.

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1 thought on “12 Cringeworthy Statues of Famous People That Look Nothing Like Them”

  1. Stephanie mitchell

    There is a statue of the Ralph Kramdem character of the Homeymooners outside of the port authority bus terminal in Manhattan. It is absolutely hideous

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