15 Weird Google Street View Scenes Caught on Camera

While Google Street View is definitely a handy tool that can help us see and admire some of the coolest and most beautiful places in the world, it provides something else, too. Thanks to Google Street View, our day improved a lot (hope yours will get that, too) since it offered us some of the weirdest scenes ever captured.

From scuba divers walking on land to a bird grabbing its lunch, all these Google Street View images will really make you wonder how on earth did they manage to catch this on camera. So, are you ready to be blown away? If yes, click on the “Next” button for more!


Wait… Is that a UFO or a butterfly?

What would you think of when seeing something similar on a casual Saturday walk? There are tons of things that go through my head right now, but the worth-mentioning ones are definitely UFOs and butterflies. Although the image doesn’t provide enough “information,” if you look at it from a certain angle, it seems that a butterfly was in desperate need of attention.

A street view car immortalized this moment, making this butterfly pretty famous among its kind. Well, what can I say…it might be just a butterfly, but it’s damn gorgeous.

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