9 Disputable Cases Of Transgender Kids

A young girl’s parents conclude she wasn’t just a tomboy

Tyler, born female, was 2 when he announced to his parents that he was a boy. Parents Jean and Stephen found their younger daughter wanted nothing to do with the girly hand-me-downs from her older sister and didn’t want to play with girls, let alone acknowledge being one. After a year of insisting she was a boy, Jean decided to put her daughter’s behavior to rest. Jean showed her a toddlers version of an anatomy book and said, “See? You’re a girl. You have girl parts.

You’ve always been a girl.” The confused child replied, “When did you change me?” When she was 4, her parents took her to a psychologist who confirmed that she had Gender dysphoria. The doctor recommended that the little girl be allowed to live as a boy. Elated, Jean and Stephen’s daughter wanted to be called “he” right way and changed his name to Tyler. Tyler started wearing boys clothes and felt, for the first time, comfortable in his own skin. “I am not transgender,” Tyler insists, “I. AM. A. BOY.”

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