14 Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Home

Your home is probably your biggest monthly expense and we are not just talking about mortgages or rent checks. There are other sources of stress when it comes to your house. Knowing them is essential if you want to be financially healthy. Unfortunately for many of us, these potential threats could also hurt our health.

However, with the help of some experts, we’ve rounded up the ways you’re making your home a dangerous place to live in.

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1. Not cleaning your lint trap and dryer vents frequently

Cleaning your lint trap may seem like no big deal for you, but leaving dirt there could lead to some serious issues. In addition by allowing moisture buildup, which can cause mold, “the buildup of lint or other debris blocking the vent can cause bacteria growth or harmful gasses to form like carbon monoxide,” says Jason Kapica, president of Dryer Vent Wizard.

In fact, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), there are 2,900 dryer fires each year that cause approximately five deaths and $35 million in property damage. So, do you think you’re cleaning your lint trap as often as you should?

2. Not having your HVAC system professionally serviced

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, air conditioners were responsible for 7,400 fires in 2010 and claimed 29 lives. Window units that aren’t installed properly can also cause serious trauma or even death to people walking under them.

Don’t let your HVAC system be a threat to you and your loved ones!

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