Trump Claims He Was the Man Behind These 5 Historic Firsts!

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While Donald Trump has certainly made some changes as president, he has occasionally made erroneous claims about his achievements, particularly regarding historical firsts. Many false claims made by Trump have reached substantial infamy, such as his assertion that the crowd present for his inauguration in January 2017 was the biggest ever.

This was later proven to be false via aerial photos and past data. Some believe the things Trump said that aren’t true are merely an aspect of his bombastic personality and his exaggerations are intentional and not meant to be taken 100% seriously.

However, opponents classify the false information as deliberately misleading. Regardless of where you personally stand, being informed on the issue is important.

The list of things Trump has lied about is varied. Often the topic is serious, such as when he boasted about unprecedented military action at the border, while other times the topic is less dire, such as claims about bolstering Stephen Colbert’s ratings.

There are also many things Trump claims he did for the first time in history, both major and minor, that have been done before, such as claims of historical achievements during his first days in office. To stay informed on the issue, read this chronological list with the most recent claims at the top.

It’s all about the numbers, or is it?…..

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4 thoughts on “Trump Claims He Was the Man Behind These 5 Historic Firsts!”

  1. all i know is that gas was at a record low economy was great regardless of covid .we were closing in a border control the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Instead of bringing up more crap on Trump why don’t you concentrate on the idiot in chief right now. He opens his mouth and everything is a lie. If he isn’t lying he is mixing up people, countries, years etc. Trump is out of office, let it go and fact check the current liar in chief.

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