10 Current NBA Rumors We Hope Aren’t True and 10 We Hope Are

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As the All-Star break and trade deadline approaches, there are plenty of ongoing rumors in the NBA today related to potential trades, signings and retirements.

It is an exciting time to be a fan since teams are more likely to take risks around this period than any other time of the year in hopes of making a strong run in the postseason. By now, most teams are well aware of expectations for the rest of the season.

The stronger teams are already aiming to recruit some buyout targets, as well as useful players on the trade block. As for the teams headed to the lottery, it is that time of the year where they shift all their efforts into developing their younger prospects, knowing that wins aren’t very important at the moment.

Plenty of reports appear every week, some of which come from reputable sources such as ESPN and Yahoo, which is why we can’t take them lightly.

But of course rumors may not always come to fruition as deals tend to fall through during negotiations, sometimes at the very last minute. It is for the best if these rumors turn out to be false if you happen to be a neutral fan of the league as they may not be greatly received by fans.

On the other hand, some reports circulating instill hope that the NBA is headed towards being more competitive in the near future. Here are 10 current NBA rumors we hope aren’t true and 10 we hope are!

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