8 Common Things You’ll Never See in Public Ever Again After the Coronavirus

From wearing masks and gloves daily to measuring our body temperature with a forehead thermometer as soon as we get to the office, there are many notable changes that reveal how life has altered since coronavirus struck. Therefore, we expect that other common things will change or disappear too.

“Digital infrastructure is already a part of our lives [and] this digitalization will be more prominent after the pandemic,” notes Defne Apul, PhD, professor and chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Toledo.

Are you curious enough to find out what the world will look like after the coronavirus pandemic? Read on for more info and stay safe!

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1. Elevator buttons

Elevator buttons are often touched by hundreds or thousands of fingers every single day. We could even say that elevator buttons are night clubs for viruses and bacteria (especially when they come with some form of a red light).

“You’ll never see elevator buttons that you have to press again,” says Michael Syracuse, a partner at New York-based architecture firm FXCollaborative. Instead, Syracuse says you will most likely be able to select your floor “using sensors in your phone, your building pass, face recognition, or using your voice.”

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29 thoughts on “8 Common Things You’ll Never See in Public Ever Again After the Coronavirus”

  1. Full service gas stations will never be a thing anymore. People have been spoiled to the point where they do not want to wait for the attendant to service your car. Not to mention the attitude you get at most stations, by the attendants. I’m from NJ originally and I know this first hand. It’s normally kids pumping the gas and they are not privy to good customer service. I recommend using a cloth to pump gas and then a ha d sanitizer afterwards. Once a consumer gets a dose of convenience, it’s very difficult to give that up. Actually, it’s near impossible.

    1. jersey gas stations are a joke–with no attendants -the people are in such a hurry that they literally try to push the car ahead of them out of the lane-
      it is a pleasure to have someone pump the gas for you-especially in cold or hot or rainy weather-

    2. you use a great state to identify with-people in jersey are so ill mannered and rude-it is worth your life to pull into a self service station-i have seen idiots nearly ram the car ahead of them if they are not fast enough -and sometimes i have seen guys race to get in front of you at the pump-I think road rage was started in jersey gas stations

    3. Sorry John but there are many of us out here unable to check the tires and fluids in our cars and need that full service station. I’m 80 and while I know how to do these things it’s physically impossible.

      1. My gas station provides disposable gloves & cars now usually have lights that go on & tell you you need an oil change, have a bad tire etc. By the way I’m 87 and have no problem pumping my gas.

        1. That’s awesome to hear! We haven’t had full service stations in DFW for a long time now. I’m really glad to hear you are doing well. You sound in better shape than me at 59 almost 60! You go girl! Take care and stay safe! Love from Texas!

      2. Im with you Carole. As young girls we didnt need to pump gas as we had attendants to do it for us so we never learned how. I dont want to touch something so dirty either. For the price we are paying we at least can get service.

    4. My thoughts exactly when i read that about them coming back. I totally agree, No way. There may be more of a mix, but self serve will not go away.

    5. Agree.

      Also consider many of the newer and bigger gas stations, some with up to 40 or more pumps. Can you imagine having 40 attendants?

    6. Actually, I feel exactly the opposite way. I don’t find it the least bit “convenient” to have to climb out of my car, fiddle with recalcitrant hoses (why do they always want to bend the other way?) and get myself all smelly. An attendant is earning a paycheck – not a big one, but it’ll keep a high school kid in movie tickets – and he can be gloved and bundled against the weather.
      And as much as I hate to admit it, once I discovered I could use hand sanitizer to remove paint and nail polish, I’ve not really keen on using it. I know I must, but I keep waiting for my skin to slough off as well.

    7. YOU still have stations that will pump your GAS??? seriously? That is rare like never since the 80’s I’d love to have someone pump my gas, but I know that service is dead.

  2. I live in Texas and I have not seen a full service gas station in many years. Everything is self serve. I used to work in one and we cleaned those pumps and the handles daily. It was part of our job. I’d spray them with Fantastic and wipe them down. I had a lady tell me one time they should pay someone to do that. I looked at her and said they do “me” or my coworkers.

  3. Full service gas stations were a luxury and a great first job for many folks. They could return if customer service is stressed (the customer is always right). They would also bring a level of security so drivers don’t have to get out of their cars and risk car-jacking. Also, warmer in winter for drivers.

  4. Pasquale Attanasio

    I think full-service could possibly work as long as they don’t raise the price of the gas I think we would all like that

  5. How come there haven’t been pandemics caused by these 8 things over the century? Could it be because our bodies see the majority of these germs and they know how to handle and fight them? If we lived in a totally sterile environment we would all die along with the rest of the world. But then again you are probably politically correct too.

  6. Touch-activated soap dispensers is the one I liked,but your washing your hands afterward.How about door handles to buildings leading in.

    1. This all is out of control. People wash your hands. The virus is spread by airborne aerosols droplets sneezing talking coughing. There is no way other than self service soap didkensers are building owners companies going to spend billions of dollars to retrofit these changes. People grow up wash your hands. !!!!!!! We cannot live in s a sterile state than we will all die Our bodies need germs so our immune systems work !!!! Let’s get reAl.

  7. Wat about the air-dryers in restrooms? It’s hard to find a better way to spread around an air-borne virus. Paper towels tat are no touch would seem a better way.

  8. With electric cars, you will still have to plug it in, This requires handling the plug, which will probably no different than handling the gas pump!!

  9. Patrick B Sullivan

    You don’t need an attendant for each pump. I ran a station with 96 pumps in the 70s and we only needed 12 attendants per shift MAX! Out normal size crew was 8.

  10. Jim Hughes, P.E.

    Technology has a good answer if people just use it.
    Back in the 1990’s NASA developed a process for sanitizing the International Space Station. It is called “PCO with dry hydrogen peroxide” and is now commercially available. The devices put out a hydrogen peroxide vapor that neutralizes the various viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the flu and the common cold. Put one in your house and your family is protected. One manufacturer is AERUS, they call their process ActivePure.

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