6 Shocking Children Who Actually Killed Someone Else

The Japanese schoolgirl who murdered her classmate for calling her a “goody-goody”

On June 1, 2004, an 11-year-old schoolgirl, best known as “Girl A”, murdered her 12-year-old classmate, Satomi Mitarai, in an empty classroom during lunch at an elementary school in Japan. In the attack, Girl A slit Mitarai’s throat and arms with a utility knife. She then left Mitarai’s body at the murder scene and returned to class with her clothes covered in blood. Her teacher found the body and called the police. After being taken into custody, Girl A confessed to the crime, saying she and Mitarai had quarreled as a result of messages left on the internet. She claimed that Mitarai slandered her by commenting on her weight and calling her a “goody-goody.”

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