11 Predictions from Leonardo Da Vinci That Actually Came True

The Italian polymath from the Renaissance era, best known for his works of art like the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper,” was also a prolific inventor and avid researcher.

Da Vinci’s natural genius and relentless scientific curiosity led him to fill countless notebooks with sketches, inventions, observations about the world, and theories – many of which were later found to be true.

While da Vinci was widely recognized as a great artist among his contemporaries, his scientific and technological genius wasn’t as well regarded, particularly because many of his theories and findings went unpublished during his lifetime.

Despite this, today, da Vinci is widely considered to have been well ahead of his time.

Here are 11 of da Vinci’s predictions, both technological and within the natural world around him, that actually came to pass.

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