11 Ways to Detect a Liar in Just Seconds

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You might be shocked to find out that more than 80 percent of lies go undetected. However, even if some people will always get away with lying, most lies are really easy to spot if you know where to look.

Read on to discover when we’re being lied to, whether at home or at the poker table…

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141 thoughts on “11 Ways to Detect a Liar in Just Seconds”

        1. Where do u get off telling to go get some sleep? Just who in the hell do you think you are? Everyone has the right to believe anything they want to ! Even your Butt! Your not in charge of everyone Peter. Know this!

      1. Well David, I guess that makes you a liar of the highest order since you’re no doubt a communist posing as a socialist and masquerading as a democrat.

      1. Yes and all the DumbocRATS lie when they say he is not. If fact if it were not for lies, the ScumocRATS would not be able to speak at all.

      2. The old adage applies, that ‘If you ain’t lyin’, you ain’t tryin”

        I’m embarrassed that someone thinks that lying to us so often about even the most innocuous of things is okay. I’m not going to cast stones from a partisan pedestal, but I’m going to say that our President should be totally forthright, on most topics. Yes, there will be matters of national security, but pandemics deserve total transparency, to make us all feel better that our country is doing everything it can to help protect us.

        The art of deception is always in the eye of the artist and always in the mind of the deceived.
        Stay safe, happy, and ever-vigilant.
        Jim in Florida

        1. What a stupid, divisive thing to say! This article has NOTHING to do about politics, but you moronically inject them into an article about about the psychology of lying. Sit down. You don’t have an argument with trump, the pathological liar and sore loser. And that goes for the rest of the stupid commenters what dare to talk about liars when they support trump, and turned this space political when that subject wasn’t in this article AT ALL! Can’t we read through an article about something else without all the political comments from the cult? Happy Inauguration Day!

          1. THANK YOU FOR THAT TRUTH, & can’t we read ..anything, anywhere that is not politicized ? Most of the most hate-speech filled remarks are from the DT cult…Sheeple…Hypocrites…SO sik of the back & forth, juvenile tit-4-tat juvenile BS…DT LOST, ThanktheLord, MOVE ON…Speaking Truth to (former) Power….

      3. so inept that he has accomplished more in one term in office than the previous 4 presidents before him combined-and more than biden has done in 47 years in office-

          1. He was replaced. I didn’t like the man but at the bottom of the balance sheet accomplishing economic and common-sense advancement is more important than hurting my (or your) feelings.

        1. What has he really done? build the wall?
          No. Mexico laughed at him when he begged them to agree to it for the press.he stole money from the military to rebuild parts of a already existing wall on the border and claim that it’s new.
          He lowered the corporate tax from 35 to 21 a permanent tax and Lord the taxes for regular people middle class or lower class but less than 1% and made it temporary so we have to pay those taxes back at the end of the year.
          He was able to appoint hundreds of new federal judges thanks to the Republican Senate cheating and lying away to block anyone that was a Democrat from being appointed. He endangered I water quality or air quality by relaxing regulations for the EPA and businesses polluting our atmosphere and land all for the sake of a corporate profit. He removed us from treaties that we’ve held and were found in members of just because they would not agree to his demands and to top it all off he treated the Corvette virus epidemic like he was just the regular flu disregarded it lied about it and at this point we have over 500,000 people that’s been infected by it when it could have been held to a minimum if he had acted quicker. And this is not counting all the other norms and traditions that the office of the presidency held in a body by that he normally disregarded threw away or lied his way through so yes he’s done a lot but not for the American people and whenever he leaves office this year or four years from now he will be all the more richer for all that he’s done but we the people won’t.

          1. Very well said. I think Steve is living in a dream land, just like Trump. I can’t think of 1 think he did to help the middle or lower class citizens, he only helps the Rich Class and people that go along with his lies. I honestly don’t know how he or any of his family sleep at night. Darin, thanks for your response to Trump believers, they are surely as crazy as he is.

          2. Like None of the other Presidents made our life any better…Come On!
            Regardless who is in Office he has OTHERS too! Just like children on a play ground, difference is these are with adults with More power and Bigger Play ground.
            For 100 yrs it has been you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours which brings Greed, Imorality, just depends on who’s going to Stand up against the majority.
            It goes both ways.

          3. GET A LIFE!! Hope you are still able to survive after the Democrats/ socialists/commies/marxists take over. It will be horrendous.

          4. Well we had cheaper gas prices and lower taxes and we did not have to pay it back like Biden is having us do. Trump was a better president than the one before him or the one after him. The ones before and after only want to destroy our country and rule all the people.

        2. you’re pretty naive (or young) if you actually believe that steve… Trump’s done more damage to our country and every historical system of government than any other president…I’ll give him that…

        3. #1 thing he has accomplished – failed to listen to medical experts concerning the corona virus because he is way smarter and knows way more than anyone. Trump is the reason we have one of the top mortality rates in the world, Americans can’t travel to almost any country in the world right now, and corona virus cases and deaths are surging higher – again. He is such an idiot. Anyone who votes for him again is too.

        4. He accomplished a BIG MESS which is what no other President before him combined including President elect Biden has done in his 47 years in office.

        5. Accomplishments can be good, bad, or horrible. Adolph Hitler had only one term in office too. Besides, Trump has bumbled almost everything he’s tried to do — fortunately for us.

      4. Professional Politicians (not are they full of PP but solids too) If they knew the truth, any truth, they would be unable to speak, parrot the words they’re told to say, or they would melt into the floor like the Wicked Witch.

      5. I don’t think the clown has told the truth about anything since Jan. 20, 2021. Yet he is still in the highest office in our country. The left and all who are following the clowns need to be removed and banished for life.

      1. Not a democratic, republican nor an independent. Political parties be dammed. You just have to be a human being and spot a Lair.

      2. must make life easy to think in such black and white terms…. that way, you don’t really have to learn that not ALL politicians lie, not ALL Politicians are the same… but after the damage trumpo has done to the Republican party, not much in the way of integrity is left..he slashed and burned anybody who challenged him, so not much is left worth saving. The Dems aren’t pure, but head and shoulders above the Repubs. And for those who believe the Dems are radical socialists, get your head out of your butt. Read something a little hard, like a real history book.
        Grow up and think beyond black and white.

        1. You are on point, Trump want to be be a DICTATOR. Many brave men have made ultimate sacrifice to make this Great Country Free (USA)and he lied about BONE
          SPURS to not serve in the military. As you can see his daddy was a lier also and
          he walk in his shoes. The Republican party is a bunch of ass holes. They just as bad as he is. I need to sell them a hotel in the middle of the ocean so they all can sink. I know the Democrats are not perfect but they are better than the TRUMP

    1. Thanks you gave me a laugh Trump is up to about 3000 lies that has been proven

      Thanks you gave me a laugh Trump is up to about 3000 lies that has been proven

    2. They all lie! Usually the ones who make that claim are the ones doing it. Funny how that works. Damn Republicans. Yuck!

    3. Funny. Trump was a lifelong Democrat. Until he was told he could run for POTUS as a Republican. Now he’s killed the GOP… and turned you fools into idiots in just 3 1/2 years. Awesome.

    4. Timothy Robert Gurule

      So what are republicans and our president, If you either one republicans our president don’t lie there rains off then your are a Fool, and must like to lied too and to stupid to know it.

    5. That is the stupidest statement I have ever heard! Lol.. so much so, that i cannot help but to respond! Liars are always POLITICIANS, both Democratic and Republican. We need to wipe the slate clean of all of them currently and start over and we will never do so as long as the Democrats and Republicans fight amongst eachother like a bunch of immature schoolchildren with silly name calling and accusations. Those in government know this, it keeps the “pee-ons” busy and the focus off of the unconstitutional decisions made without our authority and actions that are near illegal or illegal by them! They fuel the fire through our media. Believe me, it all in the Plan and it has been happening for years. Open your eyes and dont be the sheeple they want you to be and expect you to be! We all need to all stick together in order to change what is going on in our country.

      1. Democratic Republican Party 1787 – Can’t explain it better, Ralph Wolf Sam Sheepdog. All the former Parties are dead, except it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why do we voters always insist on demonstrating the definition of crazy each election cycle?

    6. LOL! The DEPLORABLE art of projection, is always a way of detecting a LIAR…along with the painted on smiles they expose, even when they’ve been discovered.

    7. Except for the liar trump, who’s known to have lied in office over 20,000 times.
      But fortunately, he’s history now. Good riddance!

    8. Really? As if the Great Orange Emperor Asshat I does not lie – incessantly, pathologically and dangerously. Look at some news that comes from some source other than Fox News.

    9. Republicans lie too. All Democrats are liars. Some Republicans are liars: Bob Barr, Mitt Romney, Bob Mueller, John Bolton are liars too.

    10. Interesting statement Bob. Trump has been caught in 25,000 lies and that was at the start of his 3rd year! Then people just retreated to pay no attention to the lies, his supporters (like you) don’t care as long as he is telling the lies they want to hear. Us Democrats were further amazed that even when his lies resulted in the death of 330,000 fellow Americans (.1 % of our population) you guys didn’t care! Now that the deaths are occurring in rural Trumpville, your friends family and neighbors you still don’t care! Us Democrats are amazed but I think we have figured the mystery out. Here it is, you guys are smart enough to realize that if you recognize his lies about Covid 19 has greatly contributed to many humans dying and you have supported is lies and governing via lie, tweet and ignoring of the science then you must recognize that their blood is on your hands as well. Please know this fact, we have figured it out and WE know that you are complicit in the death of thousands. enjoy this FACT tonight when you hear the latest total. Think about it when you lie your head down. We know. God knows.

    11. WOW – that’s really rich – after Trump told over 30,000 lies!
      Isn’t it interesting that those who lie always accuse other of doing so.

    12. That’s really funny😀😁😂😆😃 !!!!
      After having four years of trump, who did nothing but lie on a daily basis, and his republican Congress people who defend his BIG LIE that the election was stolen from him without an ounce of proof !!!!
      Yes, the Democrats lie, but nothing close to the number of lies perpetrated by the republicans !!!!!!!

    13. Considering all the propaganda coming from the Trump administration, your denial is amazing. Finger pointing to the opposite party, does not make it so. Nice try.

    14. Robert Edward Dratwa

      Trump the Chump, set the Guinness Book of World Records for average lies per day, approx. 10+!!!

  1. Lack of eye contact and folding arms are often an indication of shyness…not always dishonesty ….eye contact can be a distraction to expressing a thought or complex conversation…one size does not fit all…

    1. Excellent point and so very true. If I’m concentrating on eye contact, I can’t express my thoughts as clearly. I’m not lying, just uncomfortable with this eye contact thing. Asian culture finds direct eye contact as disrespectful.

    1. ALWAYS tells the truth, this man is a GENIUS and the most honest president ever, equal to Washington and Lincoln, and Lincoln might be iffy, but in a good way.

    2. It appears that right now you are unable to discern between truth and error. Your journey to wholeness will begin in 2021 under President Trumps Second Term. Many blessings coming for all in the upcoming years!

    3. Really? Pelosi Schumer Biden Kamala Harris and the list goes on, but nobody could lie out both sides of his mouth like Barack Obama

    4. Really, maybe you want to do a little homework on the history of the Democratic Party, their motto is lie cheat steal whatever it takes to get elected so I don’t know what you’re talking about, Biden’s been in office for 50 years and he can’t remember all his flip-flopping lies over the years

  2. A liar will raise their voice when confronted. Their eyes will look angry, they will repeat themselves over and over again. Only when they are confronted with the truth will they admit they were lying. Just ask my husband :).

    1. Just keep in mind that in many cultures, direct eye contact is seen as aggressive and disrespectful (Asian and Eastern European, for example). While in the United States we are told to be direct and maintain eye contact, this is often translated as rudeness.

    2. Maybe your husband confesses but mine will reject the evidence and continue with new lies to support the ones he’s been caught telling. He will stick to them for years too, some I’m sure he will take to the grave. I have shown him evidence of his lies and he has said “I didn’t do that, wasn’t me”, or ” I don’t know where that came from but it’s wrong”. If he is pushed far enough he will resort to his favorite response ” I don’t remember”. He will scream lies in my face so angry he is spitting. I’m glad your husband can at least eventually admit the truth. You’re one of the lucky ones.

  3. Why is everyone making this a Democrat, Republican issue? That’s just dumb…..some of actions on here can also refer to shyness, cover mouth because of bad teeth, I has a sister do that, and other stuff, some of the things yes others no.

    1. I agree. Shyness, fear from having been shamed, bullied in school, or being overly protected can bring on a lot these habits.

  4. The most obvious proof of trump lying is when he says something on TV, then later denies he said it after everyone heard him say it !!!!!!!

  5. my husband MIKE failed everyone of these!! lately he’s learned the look in my eyes as to be convincing.. after 33 years you know right away… Don’t you Mikey.. found this in his already read trash

    and the facade goes on

  6. My experience in life, at 75 years old, is that people who identify as Progressives (or Liberal) cannot tell the truth ever. They do not realize that they are lying, just comes natural. I am not a Trump supporter!

  7. It’s amazing to me that people can’t even read an unbiased article and still manage to attack people in the comments. Political affiliation isn’t what’s wrong with this country; it’s entitlement. Anyway-these are certainly ways to spot a liar, they’re also methods people use when they suffer from anxiety in one form or another be it public places, speaking to people or just being asked questions in general when they know that no matter what they say or do; despite disability, there’s always ALWAYS someone available to open their mouths and remove any doubt that acceptance is an option.

  8. My wife lies and when confronted she gets very loud n pissed and then tells me i can leave. You can clearly see in her face she lying.

  9. Isn’t there also something about eyes looking toward the right means lying or eyes looking toward the left means lying? I can’t remember which it is.

  10. Its a shame the republithugs and their half witted followers like bob and steve have infected our daily lives, even when we try to read informative articles like this one.

  11. Randall K. Foreman

    Its a shame that the republithugs and their half witted followers, like bod and steve, have infected our daily lives to the extent that we can’t even read an informative article like this without being exposed to their delusional nonsense.

  12. That’s what liars do best. They contradict everything you say then put their spin and twist to manipulate to get what they want. Often called a narcissist.

  13. Liars, who are good at it, will stand there and tell you, “I am not lying”, while looking right in your eyes! These lies come from not telling the complete truth and leaving bits and pieces of the story out so that they can make you believe what they are telling you is the absolute truth… Ask more questions or ask another person that was there!!!



  15. I have to disagree with the one about crossing the arms. Crossing the arms are also a way of closing oneself off from others. As a person who was extremely shy and a wallflower. I do this subconciousely. This information is unfair for those us who do this,but, do not make it a habit to be a liar.

  16. Interesting article! It appears there are several actions that indicate when someone is lying. I know sleepy joe is lying everytime he speaks so will watch to see if there is any indication about what he is doing.

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