7 Little Known Facts You Weren’t Taught in History Class

1. “Full Teeth Removal” Used to Be a Great Wedding Present

Nowadays, a visit to your dentist may be an unwanted experience, especially when you have to remove a tooth. Although the vast majority of us feel nervous or afraid of visiting the dentist, this feeling can’t be compared with the horrors that used to pass when we are referring to dentistry way back then.

For example, in 19th century England, dental hygiene standards were really dreadful and teeth generally went bad in early adulthood. As a result, each time a tooth rotted, it entailed a visit to the neighborhood barber/surgeon, who yanked it out with pliers and, of course without anesthetic.

In order to spare their kids the misery of having to go through that horrible kind of pain several times in their lifetimes, some parents opted for “full teeth removal”, as a present to their offspring when they grew up.

“Full teeth removal” meant literally that: yanking out all the teeth from the mouth and replacing them with dentures. Full teeth removal was considered such a fine present, that it was commonly given to brides as a wedding gift.

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