20 Ways Your Mechanic Is Lying To You

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In the Shop

Car owners place a lot of trust in mechanics to limit maintenance and repairs to what a vehicle needs. But when there’s a sizable knowledge gap between vehicle owner and mechanic, that trust can be betrayed by unscrupulous mechanics. That’s why there are some things a car owner should know before heading into the shop for even a routine oil change that will help look out for fibs auto shops may tell to get you to spend a bit more.

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1 thought on “20 Ways Your Mechanic Is Lying To You”

  1. If you have a flat and the the other tires are good can the dealer refuse to just sell you one tire or will you have to change all four tires. I went to NH for a wedding and got a flat
    the mileage on my car was 20,150 miles for the old tires . I tried to buy one tire in NH state. the tire refuse to sell me one tire and I had to purchase four new tires for my 2017 Lexus The owner of the store say that state law, is that true in NH

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