These 9 Celebs Say They Believe in UFOs

Are we alone in the universe? According to some people, there’s no way there’s life on other planets. Either they say so due to religious convictions or they believe that other life forms would have made contact a long time ago if this were the case.

But some people believe differently. Some are still looking for proof in old footage of UFOs while others are trying to document as many extraterrestrial encounters as possible. Then there are those who believe that the Universe is so vast, the probability of us being alone is simply ridiculous.

Today, we’re going to look at a list of celebrities that have claimed to see UFOs. What do you think, are their thoughts on the matter going to sway you one way or another?

Click through to find out more and leave a comment down below with your beliefs. Better yet, if you think you’ve seen a UFO, tell us your story!

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Miley Cyrus

Mikey Cyrus is a former Disney Channel Star that has stirred a lot of controversy over the years, but her claim to have seen a UFO in real life is truly out of this world. She came clean during an interview with Interview magazine, in which she explained that she was actually driving through San Bernadino when the events unfolded.

Her description of the spaceship was a standout, saying it looked like a yellow-glowing “flying snowplow”.

What’s more, Cyrus also claimed to have seen an alien flying the UFO and that they even made eye contact. That, in and of itself, was what really shook the singer, saying that “looking into the eyes of something that [she] couldn’t quite wrap [her] head around” was a shocking experience.

To top it all off, Cyrus wasn’t alone during this encounter, and her friend claimed to have seen the UFO as well. But the biggest revelation of them all was the influence of “weed wax” they were under at the time…

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2 thoughts on “These 9 Celebs Say They Believe in UFOs”

  1. I believe in UFOS because our universe is so big it is impossible for us to be the only ones here!!! Not all of us are crazy when sightings are reported; there not balloons!!

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