8 Smart Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills During Summer

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For most of us, summer is the best season ever. It’s the time when all fun and relaxing things happen: trips to the beach, bottles of wine, looking at the stars, long sessions of board games with family and friends, comfort foods and beverages, fishing; in other words… it’s vacay mood.

Yes, summertime is all fun and games until you check the bills. Between blasting the air conditioner and overdoing water consumption, those apparently innocent summer habits of yours have a way of adding up.

Before you open another bill, though, first you should change your attitude when it comes to summer saving, advises Prudential’s financial wellness advocate Tiffany Aliche, aka The Budgetnista. “I don’t believe in being overly restrictive, because your attitude toward money affects so many other areas of your life,” she says.

“It affects your stress level, physical health, state of mind, family dynamic and even your work performance.” When you will start to see money as a tool that actually can help you achieve your goals, you’ll be more likely to assimilate cost-saving measures, she says.

Read on to discover some smart ways to reduce and save money on utility bills.

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