These Are Obama’s Most Memorable Pics At The White House! (18 Pics)

If this isn’t perfect timing, then I don’t know what is!


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90 thoughts on “These Are Obama’s Most Memorable Pics At The White House! (18 Pics)”

    1. Which country are you living in….apparently not mine. Educational studies in other countries rate far higher in overall education/knowledge level as ours, the reason is that the children have two hour gourmet lunches, given no homework, but the biggest gift they are given is lots of play time!! So play away, Mr. President, you’re the greatest!

    2. ”Saddened to see a very decent, honorable and highly respected human being leave office. President Obama did the best he could despite all the opposition from the Republicans. No one man should have to shoulder blame for the majority of politicians who were against him and passed essentially nothing good. They opposed him at every turn; instead of doing good for the country and the American people, they focused their hatred and dislike of this man simply because he was a minority and of a different party. Wake up! America and put the blame for failure for this country to move forward not on one individual but on the many who blocked his every move. And now in exchange in his place, we will have a new President who is indecent, dishonorable, immoral, racist, with contempt of women who calls down evil on anyone who gets in his way, speaks the truth or disagrees with him. Woe! for this country.

      1. Viola, I couldn’t agree with you more! It just goes to show how really stupid most of the people in this country really are electing a person like Donald Trump. It’s downright scary. I have to have trust in faith that God wouldn’t have allowed his presidency if he would be that BAD! God help us all and America!

        1. Eduardo Hoepelman

          My family and I feel very sad, we are aware that the Hon. President Obama made a big efuerso to take our country to other levels, but there was always a stone dulled his way so that he could not take his proposal to another level. The culprits of that were definitely the Republicans; Now it’s their turn, if we’re lucky we’ll see each other in 2020 to see the difference in what Trump’s brabucon will do in the next four years.

        2. Stupid?????
          I don’t think so! I gave Obama an honest chance. We are more divided as a nation than ever.
          I served 20 years as an active duty Marine serving the President whether I voted for them or not.
          I did not vote for Obama however, you didn’t see me saying things like are being said today i.e. “Not my President” “Trump is the Devil” indecent, immoral, indecent,, dishonorable and a RACIST” I could keep going but you get the point.
          It sickens me to think I served to do my part as an American. The very rights that I fought for are being abused.
          I was raised to believe if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.
          Trump makes $1 a year.
          All you folks out there have some respect. When Obama was elected you didn’t see all the republicans out the cry, destroying property and acting nuts. Grow up and show some respect.
          Enough Said!!!

      2. Viola you wrote everything that I believe about this honorable man who has been
        our president for the last eight years. He walked into a financial mess and got us out of it. The car industry is thriving,unemployment is way down,same sex marriage is now law, Osama Ben Laden is gone,Affordable Health Care(Obamacare) was introduced so many now have health care.The Republicans want to abolish the plan.
        How about tweaking it to make it better. Trump is everything that I don’t want as
        president….arrogant, boastful,disrespectful,unkind,difficulty separating fact from fiction and clueless about dealing with those who disagree with him. It is so obvious that President Obama uses the word “we”when addressing us and Trump only uses the word “I”. He has truly divided this country!

        1. I agree, the entire family was one class act. Never even a hint of scandal! Maybe they can all get a well deserved break.

      3. Viola, Surely you are joking? So now YOU are spewing hate : “Indecent. dishonorable, immoral, racist, contempt of women who calls down evil”, Why woman, you must be a democrat or have met President Trump.. Maybe now, with this new administration we can finally move forward.

        We The People who elected Trump delight and revel in your distress.

      4. OMG, you are so so correct. My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All we can do is PRAY! With all this ridiculousness now, we are smack dab in the middle of punishment.

    3. What President Obama needed to do, and still needs to do, is get down on his knees and pray to God for His guidance. Clarence Engel

    4. You must remember that he was on call 24 hours a day, when some enemy picked his nose, he was notified no matter what time of day.

      1. Harold, you are delusional.

        The Benghazi ambassador and his aides were not picking their noses. They were under attack by muslim fanatics and Obama and Hillary Clinton sat on their hands. And then they lied to the American people about the reason for the attack.

        Tell that to some of the other delusional folks at this comment board that claim there were no scandals during the 8 long years of Barry’s lies. Benghazi was only one of them.

    5. I’m not even a US citizen, but I can see what an honourable man your ex-president is.
      Nothing here in our country was ever said against him. What a loss for your country.

      All I can say regarding the incoming President is….what a Pratt!!!! Good luck, not only to your country, but the rest of the world.

      1. Obviously, you haven’t been paying attention to the rest of the world as Mr. Obama had abdicated all responsibility and leadership in foreign matters. Isis, worldwide terrorism and the immigration crisis as clearly shown in the UK, Germany and France is because of Obama’s lack of vision.

        You are the “Pratt”, whatever that is.

  1. It is time for his 8 years to be over, I feel he did the best job possible with what he had to work with, personally I feel that President Obama could have been a historically great president but did not have enough real life experiences to fall back on, should have waited at least other 4-8 years before becoming President of US.

    Thanks, Paul

  2. I am saddened by the departure of such a great leader, a people’s person. A leader who is concerned about humanity as a whole.
    The impact that has been made in his 2 terms of office has propelled this country back into it’s position as a world leader.
    We can only hope that the.president elect can see the tremendous progress which has been made by President Obama and continue and strive to continue move this country forward.

    1. You’re kidding, right? A world leader? Obama abdicated all world leader qualities and responsibilities and the world is far, far worse off that 8 years ago. Apparently you haven’t been listening to what’s going on lately. Terror is at an all time high, Isis was never a JV team and is now stronger than ever, relations with Israel and Obama’s apparently anti-semitic prejudices have alienated a nation who needed us and the migrant status in Germany and Britain is at a boiling point. Add to that his sheer determination to ruin the US economy all for the sake of his imaginary global warming nonsense. Believe what you will but take off the rose colored glasses. Obama will still go down as America’s first mixed race president. And that’ll be it. No a lot of accomplishment for 8 long years.

        1. There is no evidence to suggest that. And as far as your crapola about “most intelligent people”, you’ve been listening to Barry too long.

        2. The same person that agreed with the Government of that Country to withdraw all troupes by a certain date ( and that was the legacy that he left for the next President together with the biggest recession ever).

  3. Did not agree with his health care reform a disaster. Did we really just bribe Iran with cash and say we do not pay ransom for hostages? We have taken 3 steps back in my opinion. There is more racial tension than before. I have high hopes for our new president but I don’t think congress will give him a chance to make the changes to make this a great country again.

    1. Sasha has attended school in Washington since elementary school.
      Perhaps it’s called being a responsible parent… but I could be wrong.
      Seriously… he’s a good author and professor.
      Just maybe… there are some lessons for us to ponder. Thinking would make America greater.

    1. Can you compare your degree with that of the President? Do you know of his life before becoming Senator and President?

      1. Hard to compare degrees earned when Barry had his college records sealed. Seems that he’s hiding something from scrutiny. Place of birth, grades earned, applying as an immigrant from where, Muslim or not? An open and honest person would not seral his college records, period.

          1. EWP. Try answering my original charges regarding Barry sealing his college records without changing the subject.

  4. I almost cry every time I think that Obama is really leaving. What a fine man! Integrity, honor – a good husband and father – a person you would like to have as a friend – I feel he is a friend! His accomplishments are major! HE made America great again – after the Iraq War and all its horrible Cheney-Rumsfeld shenanigans. Having an honest, upright, intelligent, compassionate President! I fear we will not have that soon again.

  5. Peggy-Ann Patnode

    I’m sorry to see President Obama leave, he did a lot of good, he is a good man. If everyone would be able to agree everything would have worked out a lot better, I wish him and his family all the best. We will miss you President Obama

  6. History will show what a great President he was. He turned the country around from what Bush left him. More people now have jobs and better wages. Now I fear the next 4 years will ruin what he has done. Thank you President Obama.

  7. America has spoken. It’s been some ride and it’s not been all Bush’s fault. When an individual or a nation loses its morals, there is just not anything much left to celebrate but the advent of a new administration.

  8. I will miss him and FLOTUS so much. In my life I have never been so proud of a President’s tenure as I am with the scandal free Obama time. They are a family of class, intelligence and a feel for all people. I cry when I think of what lies ahead.

  9. Horrible President who did nothing for bottom 1/2 of the population only retiring much richer after being with all those Washington DC Elites like Nancy Pelosi! How dumb do they think we are out here. If you want to see what’s in the bill you have to vote for the bill! Is our hard earned tax money really going to such fools? The world is on fire after his 8 years of supposed peace promotion!

  10. We’re going from one of the ethical administrations of all time… to this.
    Our new President-Elect can’t spell (as shown in the twits- tweets) but “ethics” is not even in his vocabulary.
    140 characters is the limit for him.
    As to ACA… it had to start with something. It took 5 decades to get any medical plan. Easier if we had just setup a MCR plan for under 65 with higher premium than the elderly plan.
    I’d feel better if I believed his supporters even read ACA enough to understand what they “hate”.
    Republicans would never go for that — due to their election donation requirements from the lobbies.
    Just a reminder… they didn’t want Social Security either when it started. Where would your parents and grandparents be without that plan ? Would you support them financially – all alone ?

  11. Geez, I really hate to see the Obamas leave the White House! Mr. President might not have done the very best job, but I can’t imagine Trump can do half as well. At least the Obama family are nice, decent people! Can’t even come close to say that about our President elect. I truly believe that to be true. And, let’s face it, nobody worked with Obama all they did was fight! As far as a First Lady is concerned Michelle was/is pure class and did so much for our children. With “The Donald” it looks like we won’t actually have a First Lady in the White House. Which equates to our tax dollars being spent higher to protect her and boy Jr. at a separate residence. Wow! I think it’s a very sad day when the Obamas leave!!! ?

    1. For some unknown reason every silly woman has found her voice at these discussions about Barry and his clan leaving the white house.

      1. BTW: it seems like every dopey guy is in love with “The Donald.” Is that because he brags and promotes sexually abusing those silly women? You just think about that guy! Sounds like president elect is your friggin heroe!

        1. President Trump is not my hero, he is the president of my country. Contrast that with the silly women here who are comparing Obama to Christ.

  12. I do believe “Let the work I’ve done speak for me”. President Obama you are so Christ -Like. I love the way you have always kept your cool. May God Bless you and your beautiful family. You Do Matter!

    1. The new president won’t have time for frivolity. He’ll be busy making America GREAT AGAIN after the last 8 years of Barry turning the USA into an international punchline for the joke the USA had become under his lack of leadership.

    2. Not at all! The only pictures of the next president will probably be of him counting his personal money and other valuable things! At least the First Lady isn’t going to reside in the White House. Hopefully that lovely building will not be made into a huge ball of tactlessness! Although Mr. Trump can probably manage that all by himself.

  13. He’s leaving the WH like he entered, with an inspiring speech, but no substance in the middle… too bad he didnt stick to his playbook because he could have been exceptional, instead, he settled for mediocrity…

  14. Didn’t always agree with his policies (usually not) but feel America is better in many ways due to his tenure in the White House.

  15. I could spend the next hour exposing TBANACEK’s idiocy, but choose not to waste my time on such trivial nonsense. I’m sorry to see this decent family leave the White House. BTW, that picture is of a football, not a soccer ball, and the POTUS is playing basketball, not baseball.

  16. What a great and inspiring leader.
    We are loosing a person of great leadership
    ability. You will surely be missed, Mr. President. You made us all proud.

  17. Eight years !!! Think what a real president might do with that much time. He had an opportunity to do anything he wanted to do in the first 4 years and what did he accomplish ??? Because his tactic was my way or the highway he accomplished nothing of value for anyone but himself. Most of what he views as accomplishments will evaporate in the first 60 days of the Trump presidency. Oh, I almost forgot, he did add trillions to the national debt.
    As we look at the failed past presidency one can only imagine what will happen as a new Attorney General that believes that no one is above the law takes office. We may see more than Hill & Bill in those very attractive orange jumpsuits !!!

  18. I am sad and afraid to see President leave office. Those who express very strong feelings against the President have a very different vision of what makes America great than the majority of our people. If we could somehow improve our educational system so that students learn to read and listen critically to many different news sources, that would go a long way in improving our understanding.

  19. Well hopefully after being tried for treason, unlawful acts, lying, incompetence, illegal use of his office, and breaking the constitution and so many other negligent and unlawful acts but most of all selling out America and creating the most bitter racism we have ever seen even since the 60s he will dutifully replace Carter as the worst president we have ever had the misfortune to elect.

  20. It was refreshing to read the favorable comments about Obama; it shows the underlying character and decency of the American people. I’m sure there is a great deal of voter remorse as Trump is about to assume the presidency. What clearly is exposed is that Putin realizes what an asset to Russia it will be to have this maniac in the white house.

  21. Sorry to see him go. God help us all with trump in the big chair. I think Hitler got into power by telling lies too! IT is hard for me to believe that so many Americans can be fooled by this maniacs empty promises.

  22. President Obama is highly educated and intellectual; sensible and sensitive, compassionate, and caring. He is a gentleman and a gentle man.

    The self-proclaimed P#$$y Grabber is none of the above. He is an embarrassment to America and the world. Herr Drompf is trying to follow the Nazi playbook.

  23. the only thing i want to say to donald trump is , you should just stop the tweets, becuase it is just not something that the incoming president should do, why have your advisors not suggested, or should i say demanded that you stop asap, i’m sure someone has but you just managed to convince them that it’s okay, fake news flash…’s not, and if you just have to tweet something, why not tweet an apology to the country for running for and winning the job of president of the u.s. a job that you really don’t want and one that you are grossly unqualified for…..

  24. The 44th President is a wise man and an enlightened Human Being. Sadly, we cannot apply those qualities to his successor, which makes me very worried about the level of education in the US…

  25. It is a shame that President Obama has to leave office. He was always kind and courteous per on; always showed respect to others in spite of differing opinions. He headed us in the right direction in almost all categories. Too bad that so many “Americans” are bigots, ignorant, and unwilling to step up to the plate and advance our country forward. I will miss him.

  26. So sorry to see this great men leave the White House. I am afraid for this country because of Trump, but have hope he will not destroy everything President Obama started.

  27. My husband and I were watching the presidents inaugural concert tonight and he said to me while fireworks were going off, “isn’t that beautiful?” “But I think it’s really sad that I don’t feel proud because of our new President!” And, I thought that is so sad but true as I felt the same way. What the hell did this nation do?

  28. I had dinner with my son last night and he summed it up well when he told me “one of my goals in life is to take the president out for a beer some night”. Yes, to me he is Family.

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