9 Unexpected Things You Can Clean in Your Washing Machine

There are actually many items in your house you can safely put in your washing machine that aren’t clothes. So, in order to help make your household chores easier, we’ve made a list of unexpected things you can clean in your washing machine. Read on to discover them!

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1. Pillows 

We all put dirty pillow cases in the washer machine, but did you know that you can also throw the entire pillow there? According to Consumer Reports, unless your pillow has a label which states “dry clean only”, you could put it in your washing machine twice a year.

Consumer Reports also suggest washing “two pillows at a time” in order to help balance the load and ensure that “water and detergent circulate more effectively.” When referring to different pillow types, you should only wash them with a small amount of powder detergent. Don’t use liquid detergent, because it will leave sticky residue and cause clumping.

You should also take into consideration that polyester pillows should be washed on a gentle cycle using warm water and about one tablespoon of liquid soap.

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