These 6 Activities Expose You the Most to the Coronavirus

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We expose ourselves to the virus and its variants every single day, but some activities come with a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus than others. And while we all know that social distancing and wearing a mask can diminish the risk, do you know how safe (or not) it is to see a friend?

Every situation depends on many things, but, as a general rule, you should avoid the following activities as much as possible—they are the riskiest when it comes to getting COVID-19 and allowing this deadly pandemic to continue.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the common activities that expose you the most to the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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29 thoughts on “These 6 Activities Expose You the Most to the Coronavirus”

  1. But going to church is not on the list, so why are you shutting down church services? You allow strip clubs to be open but not church. Shame on Cuomo and the idiot mayor of NYC, the governors of Michigan and New Jersey, and that wonderful Lightfoot that is ruining her City.

    1. Bob: Lots of folks still have church services online and some go to churches, stay several seats apart and wear masks.

    2. Cuomo and all his buddies that follow him are egotistical manic with socialist way of run these state. They all should be in jail for the way they handled covid, and the riots in fromFeb to August of 2020. I lost my wife of years of marriage because he sent positive covid patients for hospital into nursing homes infecting killing 33,000 seniors this angle of death got an EEMY . He should of been locked up and jailed

    3. Although I agree with you on some points and the closures seem a bit random I really think we need to give our public officials a little slack. They are most likely trying their best and getting no support from the federal government. Not to mention if we would all just wear a mask and socially distance everything would be able to stay open. It’s on us! Not them!! We’ve proven we are children who are quite selfish.😩

    4. It doesn’t say these are absolutely the only activities that could possibly be risky; church, synagogue, temple, singing in choir ,public sports events, dancing at the club, bowling, buying shoes, manicure, pedicure, facial peel, massage, NYSE trading floor, …

    5. 100% right Bob. Also why are the “PEACEFUL PROTESTS” not listed. Oh yeah I forgot, they are non-spreaders!! Also the looters are keeping the economy going when they resell the items they stole.

    6. Shame on you!, if you call yourself a “Christian” and you don’t even care enough about other people to respect the rules designed to keep us ALL safe! The TEMPORARY shutdowns are based on SCIENTIFIC DATA which MANY TIMES has indicated that large indoor church services have become “super spreader” events!
      Please try and use the brain cells that God gave you and appreciate these leaders you mentioned, for having the guts to do the right thing, as hard as it is!!!

      1. Sorry, but I do no believe any of the crap that is given to us! This is just a ploy to keep us at home, the kids are not getting educated, hence they will not be told about the past history or that the socialist agenda is a very bad one, then they take our guns so we cannot defend ourselves. This is the communist agenda that we are trying to eradicate! We need Trump to make sure that our American Citizens will be first in line for the vaccine, and not let Biden give it to the third world countries before we get a crack at it first! This man is is bought and paid for by Soros and Obama, and we are in big trouble if Trump is not elected for 4 more years.
        Democrats have tried to run Trump out of town, and there is a reason for that! They want complete control of the citizens of this country, so that we will ” Obey ” all the rules that are handed down to us. This is not the democratic way, this is the Socialism/communist way.

        1. Jesus are you for real. It’s a ploy, go into a crowd without masks and fraternize and see if it’s trump you serve or God. I hope you cultivate some common sense and try to at least act and speak intelligent. My God!!

        2. Marie, you need to do some due diligence on the whole handling of this terrible time called COVID-19. It comes from the TOP DOWN and the “fake president” has done nothing to help us, NOTHING! He has now buried his head ignoring what is happening to the American people because he lost the election legitimately! Now, he’s stomping his feet lide the immature excuse of a human being and further divinding our country. But you continue to back him. In time you will see what a disgrace he’s been and he’s a criminal to boot! Herd immunity? What a stupid, uncaring, uneducated, arrogant, murderous thing to do to us! Just stop with the Trump BS and see it for what it is. THERE ARE NO SOCIALISTS in the Government, THERE ARE NO LEFT WING DEEP STATE actors!!! I work for the Feds and now that he fired my boss for admitting the truth, it’s time for YOU TO SEE THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP and his TOTAL INEPTITUDE in running the whole government like the dictators he admires, ie Putin, Kim Jong Il, and the murderous Saudi King! Funny how the WHOLE WORLD is REJOICING that TRUMP was voted out LEGITEDMITLY! Wake up to the truth and wear your mask. If not you will die!

    7. Bob , you notice, too, that sporting events are not on the list. The reason for that is that they are not currently open nor should churches be. If your particular church is not streaming services on the internet you can easily find another with a similar philosophy that is streaming services. Do us all a favor and stay home with only those people who live with you so as to keep you, them, and the rest of us safe.

    8. Idiot, it doesn’t matter. Everything is risky. Stay indoors and as much as possible, practice social distancing. If you can do more than 6ft, all the better. Don’t trust anyone, aside from your family. Always wear your mask.

    9. Strippers have to eat, too. And buy drugs, of course, but scoring drugs isn’t on the list, so it must be okay. Just get down on your knees and thank your Maker that we have no other serious public health catastrophes to compete with the Covid-19, which God in His mercy inflicted upon this cesspool of a world. Cheer up, soon we’ll all be food for maggots, especially if Biden is inaugurated. You won’t be needing church then, vaccine or no.

    10. I Totally agree with you Bob. I think it’s so GROSS! I mean when they are dancing and their body sweat flings all over!! Nope! And it’s gross they would choose to keep strippers OPEN but not Gods house? Where do they justify this? My Church reopened the latter part of the summer. I found out I was High Risk last week because of my heart. But at least we have our Sermons on You Tube.
      Stay safe! Your Sister in Christ! Deb

    11. Just because think you have a right or freedom to do what you want does not mean you have the right or freedom to give the virus to ANYBODY I find it hard to believe that you don’t understand this.This virus has mutated and became very infectious as you can see in the numbers of people infected.Stop being so selfish and realize the danger your putting other people in

  2. Idiot men who choose to go to strip joints are just that. If seeing a naked girl swing from a pole with a room crowded with other men who are not wearing masks and neither are the dancers, they a putting theirselves in a dangerous situation. And by saying bars, they are including the strip joints which are bars! If your christianity only exists by going to a building packed with people, carrying their bibles, which the church is not disenfected, and the virus is invisiable and does not care who it attacks. You are safer staying at home, since you are not safe having friends in, or family gatherings. You can do your bible reading at home and praying, and wait until the vaccine is widely available which will not be until Feb. if that and it will take a massive undertaking to get everyone vaccinated as only so much can be produced and first responders need it more than the average citizen. They are on the front lines and need protection. More equipment and beds can be available, all avialable nurses and doctors are in short supply and are exhausted because you can not manufacture nurses and doctors.

  3. Lorraine Commisso

    I guess we should all just crawl under a rock for 5 years. Then need to live off the government. Is t that the plan?

  4. Cuomo and all his buddies that follow him are egotistical manic with socialist way of run these state. They all should be in jail for the way they handled covid, and the riots in from Feb to August of 2020. I lost my wife of 55 years of marriage because he sent positive covid patients for hospital into nursing homes infecting killing 33,000 seniors this angle of death got an EEMY . He should of been locked up and jailed

  5. Hey Bob. Ask yourself this question. Do I watch Faux News? Yes i agree with the closures of ALL gathering places. But the ruling factor here is (as usual) MONEY!! Can we as Americans stop seeing “red” and “blue” and realize it’s ALWAYS about “GREEN”. regardless of party. Why must fingers always be pointed? Why are casinos still allowed to be open to some capacity? MONEY!!

  6. IT IS CALLED … CONTROL. !!!! just their way of getting the American people to follow their orders….it will only get much worse….

  7. The big problem is that no one is wearing the right type of mask even on here. You need and N95 or N99. They now sell HEPA inserts for regular masks. If you want to be protected get one.

  8. we should bring back some of the old American traditions like tarring & feathering especially politicians who grab power they don’t really have according to the US constitution , maybe we should bring back duels for those who are easily offended , maybe they won’t be so sensitive if they know the have to face a pistol.
    We certainly must show the mayor & the Governor how displeased we are by not only throwing them out of office not buying any books they write & not listen to them on the speaking circuit . Just ignore them .That hurts their egos .We must vote Republican to restore logic and stop the government from micromanaging our lives.

  9. I agree why are they closing down churches…they want us all to just quit living and curl up in our little houses and die from isolation. We have to live…instead of telling what is dangerous to us why not focus on how to live with the virus on a daily basis…it aint going away…at least not until we ALL Get on our Knees and pray.

  10. It has nothing to do with the Pandemic, it is a ploy to control and make sure that we are following orders. Just like the Army does to recruits! they break them down, to build them up! This is war, yet! therefore why are these people trying so hard to take our freedom away!
    This is the communist agenda, keep the people down! They will not revolt so quickly!
    If we believe everything they tell us we will obey their stupid laws!

  11. It is ridiculous to close down CHURCh….. Limit the amount of attendance.. Wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart.
    Even before this virus….people were not attending Church like they should… well… Turn your back on God and look what happens… VIRUS….. But oh keep strip clubs open because it’s a mans would and the devil loves to lure in sinners.
    God help this world and people better get on their knees and pray ….. that is the only thing that will rid this world of the virus and all the other horrible things nags that are going on. The best tool is to pray the ROSARY.. it haas turned many bad things around over the years. God Bless you all and keep safe.

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