10 Insane Things Rich People Actually Bought

How can you tell if a product is worth-buying? Well, most people think about the balance between price and quality and how a particular product could improve their lives, but that’s not the case here.

Some ridiculously expensive things are available on the market, because the world’s ultra-wealthy spend big bucks on them.

If you thought that people don’t buy certain products because they are useless, you’re completely wrong. Rich people can buy anything and everything they want, even worthless products.

We are not billionaires to have an answer for ‘Why do rich people waste their money on unnecessary things?’, but we can mention some products wealthy people are buying.

The following products prove that even the very smallest things can come with a huge price tag. Read on to find out about the tiniest things that sold for big sums.

Courtesy of Gläce Luxury Ice

Luxury ice cubes: $325

No, rich people cannot use common ice cubes, probably because their drinks could turn toxic. So, if you are bored of using everyday ice cubes in your drinks, you should purchase ice cubes from Californian brand Gläce Luxury Ice Co. which sells perfectly square and spherical blocks of ice to give your cocktails a bit of extra luxury. Perfection means that this ice comes with a luxury price tag too – $325 for a case of 10.

For a reasonable price you could purchase reusable ice cubes. These ready-to-use ice cubes are perfect for not watering down drinks (because no one wants a soda that tastes funny).

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