6 Things Tourists Do That Annoy Local People

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4. British people don’t like to hear loud people in the subway 

….But who does, to be honest?

Britsh people get it that tourists are really excited about their traveling experience, so they can’t help but be enthusiastic and talk extremely loud while they’re on the subway. However, this thing actually drives them crazy, so it’s better to keep your voice down because you have no idea what’s going on in people’s minds.

5. Tourists go to fake yoga retreats  

Many locals from India stated that they hate it when tourists come to their country to practice yoga, looking for peace and clarity. What they don’t know is that there are a lot of uneducated and fake gurus who only care about money and they are willing to teach foreigners different kinds of weird practices about yoga and meditation just for a quick buck.

6. Tourists drive on the wrong side of the road 

In the majority of the countries of the world, people drive on the right side of the road. In Australia and the United Kingdom, people drive their cars on the left side of the road.

However, many people from Australia have complained about the fact that there are a lot of tourists who are not able to respect their driving rules. What’s even worse is that when they get upset or angry, they tell locals that they drive on the wrong side of the road.

As you can imagine, local people don’t feel very comfortable hearing that and they believe that when you visit a country, you should respect the rules there, even though you may not agree with them.

…Have you ever done any of these things that annoy local people? Tell us in the comments down below, because we’re very curious to find out! 

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