11 Celebrities Who Actually Hate Being Celebrities

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Keanu Reeves

“The Internet’s Boyfriend” as the media calls him, is such a mystery to us that even his fellow actors are trying to figure out what makes this mega star tick. We can suspect that all the hardships in his life have humbled him.

From his father abandoning the family at a young age to his mother moving him around a lot to provide for him, this has made making friends challenging. His continuous struggles with dyslexia made his education extra tricky. They increased his sense of being an outsider, which made him drop out of high school. Besides his father, he has suffered many losses in his life, including his best friend River Phoenix and his still-born baby girl with then-girlfriend Jennifer Syme.

Keanu himself has hinted that his struggles in life have affected the movie roles he chooses today. He often portrays conflicted, lost characters who are on a mission to find good in the world. Therefore, even though Reeves hasn’t said that he hates the public eye, we can guess by his actions that he isn’t a fan.

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