8 Beautiful Plants That Just Want to Kill You!

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Humanity has had a long and mutually beneficial history with the plant life that surround us. Ancient peoples had an extensive knowledge of the healing properties and the plethora of uses many plants and herbs can have. However, along with that knowledge, they also had knowledge of which plants can kill you, finding out the hard way for sure.

Unfortunately, with the rise in pharmaceuticals and a distinct lack of every day botanists walking the streets, the vast majority of the human race living in the 21st century are completely unaware that dangers lie in mother natures garden. This can lead to some serious problems as there are a lot of plants out there who look beautiful and even delicious, but the only thing you will be getting served is a large slice of death.

Knowledge is most certainly power when it comes to knowing which plants out there have the potential to kill you stone dead, but thankfully you have me to guide you through which plants to avoid so you can spend time with your family and friends, not the Grim Reaper.


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1 thought on “8 Beautiful Plants That Just Want to Kill You!”

  1. Thank you for this information I have small children around my yard often. Fortunatly I am aware of toxic plants in Fl. thanks to my garden club we hada speaker from UF to help us identify the dangerous plants . I don’t have any of the toxic ones in my yard.

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