12 Craziest Things That Have Washed Ashore

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Some people go out of their way to find treasures on beaches, usually with the help of metal detectors. But the people of Guaca, Venezuela, didn’t have to put much effort into their search.

In fact, a real treasure trove landed right on their doorstep. Gold jewelry, medallions, nuggets, and ornaments washed ashore in the last quarter of 2020 and so far, nobody has been able to pinpoint their origins. The people in the village quickly scooped up as much of the pieces as they could find, selling them in order to buy food and other essentials, as they’d been suffering under a precarious economy since 2014.

Garfield Cat Phones

When plastic phones in the shape of Garfield, the beloved cartoon cat started appearing on the beaches of Brittany, France, nobody had any idea where they were all coming from. They started appearing in the 1980s, but people were baffled as to where they were coming from.

Then, around 40 years later, the mystery was finally solved by beach-cleaning volunteers. In March 2019, they discovered a shipping container filled with plastic Garfield phones in a nearby sea cave. The ginger cats would slowly wash ashore from their hiding spot, but now cleaning efforts could finally begin!

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