20 Things You Should NEVER Buy at Walmart

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13. Organic milk

Walmart’s store brand organic milk might not actually be organic, according to The Washington Post. When reporters from the newspaper took a trip in 2017 to Aurora Organic Dairy—the farm that supplies the organic milk for Walmart—they found that “signs of grazing were sparse, at best” and that “at no point was any more than 10 percent of the herd out” feeding on grass.

While most of the other organic milks that The Washington Post tested had acidity levels that you’d expect from organic products, the Aurora milk had acidity levels eerily similar to non-organic versions.


14. Maple syrup

Walmart’s generic syrup isn’t actually that bad. Consumer Reports gave the Great Value Pure Maple Syrup a “good/very good” rating when it reviewed a slew of store brand syrups.

But just because Walmart’s sweet maple syrup is “good” doesn’t mean you can’t get a better purchase. Consumer Reports recommends shopping for maple syrup by price—and both Trader Joe’s and Costco offer steeper savings.

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1 thought on “20 Things You Should NEVER Buy at Walmart”

  1. Adrienne Scott

    This is very informative for consumers to save there money and shop somewhere else. My honest opinion Walmart never has anything in stock and the Coffe Makers Mr. COFFEE the bottom element rusted in less than 6 months time. In need of something to grab and leave is the best thing to do.

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