22 Shopping Mistakes at the Grocery Store That Cost You a Lot

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Not Signing Up For Rewards

Most supermarkets have rewards programs that are free to join and allow members who swipe their rewards cards at checkout to get discounts on select items.

Plus, some supermarkets’ rewards programs let members earn points for discounts at the gas pump. For example, at Safeway you can get 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent on groceries. Taking advantage of these special discounts and rewards can add up to major savings.

Assuming You Need To Swipe Your Rewards Card

You don’t have to forgo discounts if you leave your supermarket rewards card at home. You can typically enter the phone number linked to your account to claim your rewards membership savings.

When you’re prompted to swipe your rewards card at the checkout, look for the option to enter your alternate ID — which is usually your phone number. Don’t give up free money — and make sure your savings get applied.

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