8 Famous Americans That Passed Away While on the Throne

Outhouse in the woods.
Photo by Zigmar Stein – Shutterstock.com

7. Albert Faille: Gold Prospector And Fur Trapper Died In An Outhouse

Few things could frighten or, indeed, stop Albert Faille from doing what he loved doing! He wasn’t just a rugged outdoorsman but an early pioneer, trapper, explorer, and prospector of the Canadian North, where he immigrated after serving in the armed forces in World War I.

Fame came to him with the help of Raymond M. Patterson, who wrote The Dangerous River. After that, the National Film Board of Canada included him in a documentary called Nahanni in 1962. The documentary follows Faille in search of a gold mine and, back then, nobody could imagine how the pioneer would meet his end.

In 1973, he was sadly found dead in an outhouse.

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