8 Important Things Supermarkets Aren’t Cleaning As They Should

Photo by Pressmaster from Envato

7. Storage areas

As Dr. Ghildayal explains, “these areas are large and dense, with health inspections at certain chains resulting in findings of droppings, cockroaches, and improper temperature settings for food storage.” As if that weren’t bad enough, some chains may try to prevent pests from getting to the food—by dousing these storage areas in pesticides which although harmful to insects and vermin, can be equally harmful to humans.

Which is unfortunately bad news for the consumer. Caleb Backe, a Health & Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics, recommends that after you’ve bought packaged food, especially in a jar or can, you wipe down the container, just to be safe. “You can be sure that they’re not being wiped off at the store,” he says.

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