8 Smart Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills During Summer

Photo by Tobias Arhelger from Shutterstock

6. Forget about the dryer

Unless you’re living in a micro apartment, there’s virtually no need to use your dryer during summer. Tayne recommends the old-fashioned clothes-line technique. “Take advantage of the warmer months to take a break from the dryer now and again,” she says.

Air-drying your clothes can save you lots of money. In fact, according to the Saving Electricity website, line-drying can save you nearly $200 a year. However, note that the cost depends on the type of your dryer, its size and its electricity usage.

In general, clothes dryers use quite a bit energy because they need to spin and produce heat. That’s why we recommend you having a home energy monitor. You’ll be able to see your energy usage in a variety of ways, this way saving more money on your electricity bills.

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