8 Successful American Entrepreneurs You’ve Never Heard of

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Anne Wojcicki

California native Wojcicki raised a few eyebrows with the company she co-founded with Linda Avey and Paul Cusenza in 2006, the personal genomics company 23andMe. Many people were concerned with the idea of letting a private company have access to your DNA, fearing it might be used for some nefarious purpose or sold to second parties.

However, this direct-to-consumer genetic testing has helped many scientific researchers study things like inherited disorders and it has even helped law enforcement identify and arrest the elusive serial killer the Golden State Killer, former police officer Joseph DeAngelo Jr. After one of DeAngelo’s relatives had used the service, the FBI were able to match DNA evidence they had from one of the crime scenes through forensic genetic genealogy.

Wojcicki is worth around $440 million


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