6 EXTREME Things People Did Just for Selfies

Image By YIUCHEUNG From Shutterstock

Climbing on top of towers

This one is apparently well-liked in the community for people who like to take extreme selfies! A lot of the people who post such pictures take towers as their landmarks and then proceed to scale up them, no matter how dangerous or illegal it may be! There are numerous people on Instagram who have become sort of famous because they do such things: there is a Russian model who frequently takes selfies on top of towers and a guy who is nicknamed Russian spiderman– seems like the Russians just love heights!

Either way, these adrenaline junkies should be more aware that one wrong step or a harsher gust of wind can bring about their doom!

Reenacting Jaws

There are lots of tourists that go to an exotic destination and then take a trip into the ocean in order to swim with sharks. We get it! There is something about the adrenaline of being in a cage surrounded by some of the ocean’s most feared predators (the movies made us all fear sharks when they’re not as bad as they seem). Yet there are people who go above and beyond for such a shark experience.

Two divers did the unthinkable: not only did they spend days trying to get this photo, but they also potentially risked their lives as well! They wanted a candid picture with a shark, and they dived for days before they managed to get it. They may have been experienced divers, but these are wild animals we are talking about: sure, sharks do not attack unprovoked, and they are generally scared of people. But one wrong move and you can spook them. We don’t want to know what the sharks would do when scared because someone’s swimming around them with a camera!

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