6 Unbelievable Superstitions That Involve Food

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4. Salt

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Salt can both do you right or dirty! It’s universally known that spilling salt brings about bad luck. This is most likely because in the old days it was the most expensive thing could possibly get, so how could you not have bad luck if that happened?

However, there’s an easy fix to it. Just take a little bit of the spilled salt with your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder and you’re set. The evil forces are blinded! Could be so because of the old tale that the angel stands on your right shoulder and the devil on the right one, but some believe it to originate all the way back to Judas’ tale of betraying Jesus. Either way, better safe than sorry!

Don’t worry though, salt can protect you too. According to the Japanese tradition, if you put a pile of salt on a saucer outside the entrance, you are protected from the evil spirits and actually attracting good luck! Just make sure you’re careful around the shakers.

5. Apple peels

Next time you are peeling an apple, try to get the peel as long as you can without breaking it. When that eventually happens, you throw it on the counter: the letter it makes out is the first letter of your soulmate’s name. That’s one tasty way of finding out your one true love!

6. Parsley

Believe it or not, this herb has a long list of superstitions attached to it. From thinking that eating it is a form of contraception and it would help women not get pregnant, having them plant parsley in order to be able to get pregnant, to believing its long sprouting time is associated with the devil, this plant has seen it all!

One thing is for sure though, make sure you are asked to bring some parsley over before you decide to gift your excess crop, as it is believed it would bring bad luck to the people receiving it! Not to mention, it would be quite a usual gift to bring over. Better stick to some flowers or even a bottle of wine.

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