Did You Know these 27 Celebrities Were Republican?

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Conor McGregor

You might find it surprising that an Irish citizen would be the most prominent Trump-supporting athletes out there. The UFC champion who likes to dabble in boxing, Conor McGregor has even called him a “Phenomenal president” and is overal extremely pleased with his policies and actions.

John Ratzenberger

Known for his voice acting in Cars, Toy Story and The Incredibles, John Ratzenberger has said that Donald Trump is the only candidate that he’s ever consider, saying he is the “builder” that the nation needs.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain, another conservative voice in The View has gone as far as to call herself a “sacrificial Republican”. She supports the Second Amendment but does see some thing differently from the Republican Party.

For example, she is a supporter of gay marriage and she has even repeatedly clashed with Donald Trump, much like her father Senator John McCain.

When talking about the 2020 election on Watch What Happens Live, McCain implied that she would be voting for Joe Biden, who is a close family friend, stating that he has helped her during difficult times whereas Trump has made her life more painful.

Katharine McPhee

A little bit of digging by Jezebel found that Katharine McPhee donated $500 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The Committee wishes to maintain conservative control of the senate.

Since the news broke out, her fans have expressed their disappointment in her over social media, especially since she often posts about her gay fans. They believe that her actions could do major harm to their community. Understandably, McPhee has not acknowledged the $500 donation.

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