25 Most Pointless and Stupid Signs That’ll Make Your Brain Hurt

If you’ve ever wondered how the Grim Reaper manages to put his kids through college, wonder no more…..


When the local council tell the sign writer his signs aren’t existential enough…..


When a sign is literally ASKING for trouble…..


That time when you wished you were a snake so you could unhinge your jaw and enjoy this sweet, sweet, coat hanger…..


It seems that this swimming pool has a shallow end, a deep end…..and stupid end…..


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4 thoughts on “25 Most Pointless and Stupid Signs That’ll Make Your Brain Hurt”

  1. Unfortunately, the litigious nature of our society has made signs like this necessary. Too bad, but they would rather be safe than sorry. Much like when The old woman sued McDonalds when they didn’t warn her that the hot coffee she ordered was hot. And she settled. Go figure

  2. I saw the warning on an iron that said, “Caution, Hot”. Another one was for the plastic bag they put over dry cleaning. It said, “Not a breathing apparatus”.
    Once I saw instructions on how to eat Raman (sp?) noodles. It started with, “Grab a fork…”. We live in a world of idiots that are so bad we need signs to tell them this is a sign.

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