How Much to Tip in 9 Different Situations

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Tipping can be confusing and there’s probably nothing more embarrassing than ending up in a situation where you don’t know how much to tip. That’s why we’ve turned to etiquette pros for advice. From taxi drivers to bartenders, here’s a list with the actual amounts you should be tipping certain people in your life.

1. Haircut and Blowout

Tip Amount: 15 to 20 percent

The Advice: “Anywhere between 15 to 20 percent is typical for beauty treatments like facials or treatments, and anyone touching your hair. If different people are doing your shampoo, cut and color, they should each be tipped separately.”

2. Taxi Driver

Tip Amount: 15 percent

The Advice: “Taxis warrant the standard 15 percent, though an extra few dollars is nice if your driver helps you load or unload your stuff in or out of the car. If you are valet parking, you can ostensibly afford to tip well for the night. Between $2 and $5 is great, though if two people handle your car, tip them both.”

3. Hotel Staff

Tip Amount: It varies, but tipping is a must

The Advice: “Hotel staff are the unsung heroes of hospitality! They get none of the showmanship of serving a meal or drink. Tip hotel cleaning staff $2 to $5 per night, be sure to tip each morning, in case your room is cleaned by various people. Bellhops should get $1 or $2 for each bag they help you lift, and you can give concierges 15 percent on the value of what they hook you up with. For example, if they help you get two sold-out concert tickets for $100 each, a $30 gratuity would be appropriate.”

4. Manicure/Pedicure

Tip Amount: 20 percent

The Advice: “As most manicures are woefully cheap, tip cash and give 20 percent to the person who did your nails. For medical-based treatments, like a registered massage therapist, no need to tip.”

5. Delivery Person

Tip Amount: 15 percent

The Advice: “Fifteen percent on the total bill is standard if they are on time. Check that your order is right before they leave.”

6. Restaurant Staff

Tip Amount: 15 percent

The Advice:“The standard of 15 percent on the total bill still holds true for the most part, though if the service is outstanding, your tip should be, too: 15 percent for good service, more for excellent service, and 10 percent for service that you didn’t love.”

7. Shoe Shiners and Seamstresses

Tip Amount: A few dollars

The Advice: “Don’t forget about coat check attendants and shoe shiners! Between $2 and $5 is standard.”

8. Bartender

Tip Amount: 15 per cent

The Advice: “Tipping the conventional 15 per cent on a drink isn’t much, and some cocktails take a really, really long time to make (much longer than the time it takes for your service to travel from the kitchen to your table, and your bartender is making that drink). Feel free to round up, generously, and you’ll likely get served the second round quicker than the rest of the bar.”

9. Barista

Tip Amount: Loose change

The Advice: “There’s no obligation to put cash in a tip jar, though for karma benefits and future friendly service at the coffee shop you swing by every morning, you may want to slide your barista a few bucks from time to time.”

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