9 Ways Cyber Criminals Target You When You Travel

Did you know that cyber criminals are actually waiting for you to use free Wi-Fi when you travel? You might be tempted to use that free WIFI at the airport, a hotel or a coffee shop, but this mistake could cost you more than you think.

Now it’s really easy for cyber criminals to obtain your passwords and personal information. Read on to discover the surprising ways hackers target travelers!

Photo by Albina Glisic from Shutterstock

1. Charging your phone in public

According to a new IBM survey, almost 70 percent of travelers have engaged in risky behavior that expose them to cyber attacks without knowing. While most of us wouldn’t think twice about charging our phones at a public USB station, tech experts caution against it.

Individuals who use technology to commit malicious activities can secretly install malware or tamper with USB connections in hotel rooms or airport lounges to download data from your phone. In order to protect your device, it’s best to pack a portable charger or use a traditional wall outlet, instead.

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