3 Candies You Should and Should Not Give To Your Kids (According to Dentists)

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1. Chocolate

Ah, good ol’ chocolate! Not only a fan-favorite among children and adults alike but thankfully the best candy you could give to the children in your family. Because chocolate melts easily in the mouth and is not stick, it makes it easy on the teeth and enamel. Moreover, some studies have shown that dark chocolate in particular contains compounds that can help harden the enamel and fight plaque and bacteria.

A very good day for chocolate lovers!

2. Candy with Nuts

Specifically candy bars with nuts. While the candy might be sticky, the hard texture of the nuts will break it away faster and prevent it from sticking to your child’s teeth. Even better, nuts are an added protein and fiber source, and if you teach your kids that they are yummy from an early age, it will be no problem to have them prefer nuts over other snacks, be they sweet or savory.

3. Sugar-free Candy

It’s all in the name already! Sugar is the number one problem causing teeth decay in children and the biggest enemy of enamel altogether. So it would be a great idea to look for candies or chewing gum that are sugar-free, which use other types of sweeteners like stevia or honey.

Sure, the children are still at risk if they’re in hard candies and they decide to bite on them, but sugar-free candies are better due to the low sugar intake. Moreover, if it’s in the form of chewing gum and contains xylitol it will also help counteract the effect of acid-producing bacteria, and help clean the teeth! A double win!


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