6 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Image By jgolby From Shutterstock

Conspiracy theories have been around since the dawn of time and for as ridiculous some of them are, we cannot deny the way they appeal to our curiosity. Sometimes you just can’t help it and you end up on a rabbit hole about some secret cult or supposed weapon the government is building in the desert of a remote third-world country.

Be it morbid curiosity or just a way to exercise your imagination, some of these conspiracy theories are interesting and we all spent some time(even hours) reading about them or watching some videos. What could justify going down this albeit entertaining path is the fact that some of them are actually true.

Yes, some of the most outrageous at their time conspiracies have proven to be true years after and they unveiled some horrible truths about people and our own government. How many of these did you know were proven true?

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