11 Celebrities Who Started At McDonald’s


If you are not part of the royal family or your parents are already famous, celebrity is not something you are born with, but something you gain through hard work and determination. Of course, for some it may be easier than for others, but this is how life works in general anyway. So, it is no surprise that many celebrities started working in completely different fields than they actually dreamed of, because they had to earn a living.

Some of them even worked at McDonald’s, although they wanted to become actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and so on. However, it seems that this experience helped them at least in one way, considering that they managed to fulfill their dreams, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about them today. While some celebrities admit they weren’t the best at what they were doing while working at McDonald’s, for others it was an important step towards their dreams.

So, let’s see which celebrities used to work at McDonald’s early in their careers, and what are their thoughts regarding this experience and what role it played in their professional lives. This being said, read on while reminding yourself that you should never give up on your dream no matter how impossible and far away seems now, because you can never know when you will have your big break.

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