9 Things Frontline Workers Really Want You to Know

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Bus drivers and transit workers

As you probably know, bus drivers and transit workers are considered frontline workers because they have to interact with a lot of people during the coronavirus pandemic. A bus driver from Montreal, Canada, Jocelyne Dubé, said that “we are an essential service for people going to hospitals and long-term care homes, and without us, they wouldn’t be able to get to work. People are thanking us because we are there for them.”

The government has recommended that we have to wear masks if we want to use public transportation and follow the hygiene rules.

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1 thought on “9 Things Frontline Workers Really Want You to Know”

  1. Who was brave enough to determine that this virus does not get into your body through your EARS. Did you get any volunteers or is there still no answer for this? And if there was someone who said they would try it, how are they doing??

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