9 Things Frontline Workers Really Want You to Know

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Delivery workers

People who work in delivery are another category of frontline workers, especially because they risk their own lives to bring food to people who have to stay at home. Of course, many of these people who order food online are already sick, but delivery workers need to do their job to earn money to live. 

 “I had one customer who wasn’t able to go out and shop on her own […] And when I went to her house, her husband greeted me, gave me a card. And when I left, I opened up the card. And the note that she wrote was that she was so thankful and explained to me that she had cancer and that I made the experience so good for her that she felt as if she were shopping. And that was a wonderful feeling,” Shanna Foster, a grocery delivery worker, told Time magazine.

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  1. Who was brave enough to determine that this virus does not get into your body through your EARS. Did you get any volunteers or is there still no answer for this? And if there was someone who said they would try it, how are they doing??

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