10 Facts About Joe Biden You Have to Know Before January 20

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A lot can be said about President-elect Joe Biden and though the media has been flooded with allegations of voter fraud in his favor, we think it’s time we turn our attention away from such claims in order to take a closer look at the man who will, starting January the 20th, lead the nation from the White House.

He served in the Senate for 36 years, followed by 8 years in Obama’s administration, so a lot can be said about his political career but for now, we want to get to know him as a person in order to better understand the man that will take Donald Trump’s place as president.

Some people may consider him to be modest, particularly after he spoke in his home state of Delaware when he said “I am not here to declare that we have won, but, I am here to report that when the count is finished we believe we will be the winners.”

But in order to get a better idea, let’s look at 10 facts about Mr. Biden that might surprise you, from tragedies to hardships, to his likes and dislikes, let’s take a closer look!

He had a stutter as a child

You’d probably find it difficult to believe that Mr. Biden stuttered as a child, but it’s true. After spending his childhood in Scranton, Philadelphia, he moved to Wilmington, Delaware at the age of ten. At school, he was bullied relentlessly for his stutter and was ever nicknamed ‘bye-bye’ for his attempts at saying his last name.

Nowadays, given his many speeches, you wouldn’t know that Mr. Biden ever had such difficulties. A while ago, a video even surfaced on the internet when he spoke to a little boy about his stutter, encouraging him and saying that despite it all, he still managed to overcome his obstacle.

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66 thoughts on “10 Facts About Joe Biden You Have to Know Before January 20”

    1. If your meaning of “speak intellegently” is to understand the language of and be understood by slap-jaw yokels, then Yes, he fails in this category.

  1. I could only get 6 of these facts about Joe Biden, but spare me the other four. In my opinion and any and many I know, this guy is a loser from the beginning. He did nothing while serving our government except enrich himself and his family. And now the feather in his hat is that he clearly stole an election! If he cares about we, the people, he would admit it and if he is the honest man he portrays to be, RESIGN NOW!!!
    I don’t buy his boloney or as he calls it…MALARKEY!

  2. Enthralling, I completely expect you to take down this comment in an effort to suppress Free Speech.
    These are “10 Facts About Joe Biden You Have to Know Before January 20”?
    This article is the ‘Stay-Puft’ marshmallow man of ‘Softball’ facts about Joe ‘Bye-Bye’ Biden.
    Joe loves dogs?,…Joe (and Nancy) love ice cream?,…I NEED to know that before Joe takes office???
    What about CHINA? The Department of Justice opened a probe into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs, business ties in China. Update?
    Ukraine-Based Burisma has now admitted that it bribed Joe Biden! Update?
    Last ‘softball’,…Joseph Epstein of The Wall Street Journal cautioned Jill Biden about using the title Doctor because, …people like Woopie Goldberg think Jill would make an excellent choice for Surgeon General, because she’s SUCH A GREAT DOCTOR!
    Journalism is dead.

  3. If you have ever stuttered you would know how difficult it is to overcome this problem. He is a real, person and will do everything in his power to bring this country back to peace . The deranged person that was our President wants to be another Putin and have everyone kiss his ring. He has done some good things for this Country however, his lack of empathy and thinking of others was totally lacking. He has stirred up all the right ring groups, antisemites, and racists to destroy Democracy. If that is the kind of life you would like move to Russia, Iran or North Korea.

  4. I thinks this article sells Joe Biden short and turns out he is the most demanded candidate for President in history. He got more votes than any candidate in history. This has to be earned in ways that you didn’t even address here. He is a stark contrast to Trump the Traitor who is unfit to have his name mentioned in the same sentence with Joe Biden.
    As far as Steve’s comment above, how intelligent do you think Trump and you are now after those who participated in the failed coup attempt are being tracked down for prosecution, jail, and should face a firing squad for treason.
    Think about it, this may not be the right country for you and people like you.

  5. yeah, and he is bought and paid for by the chinese communist party . influence peddling his favorite sport.

  6. And now he is still a crook a liar a puppet and an idiot his mind is slipping and he is a socialist/communist a traitor to the United States of America.

  7. You forgot to mention that he is the most corrupt, thieving, lying candidate in our history and that the only way he became president is because he and his cronies (the devil’s disciples) stole the election from our beloved President Trump.

  8. His first mistake was to choose Harris for his Vice President. She is not right for the Job. and that’s how I feel This whole thing with the Election and how it played out with the Democrats & the Republicans was the worst that has happen
    in my life time. so the only thing i will say is we all need to pray for our COUNTRY
    and our Children that this will be a safe country to live in,

  9. He a spineless fraudulent elected coward put that out there ! that has lied to the Nation and plans to sell it out to China and all other of the highest bidders. Will continue to encourage racists acts against the people of this counter and has a spineless co conspirator to assist. He will destroy our country and start a war he can not win. the most evil piece of shit alive today. To old and decrepit to do the job and destroyed our voting system with the fraud they live by! You can’t lie about the fraud it was already proven and you need to remember what country you live in. So take Joe out of the pitcher he is worthless wasted 47 years doing nothing for the country and all for his personal gain. Will never follow this worthless piece of trash and hope he dies soon I pray for it hope he dies miserably that is what Biden deserves. !!!!!

  10. He is a spineless coward that has committed fraud to not be a three time looser for he is a spineless coward out for his own self gain has no respect for America and is planning to sell us out we all know this and the public was brainwashed and mislead by the media. That is a crime no different than misleading a witness in court. All of you backing this criminal should hang with him cowards treasonous is what all of you are. I blame you reporters lying to the people for your ignorance has caused a war now !! It has already come to blood shed and will continue all of it on all of your lies !!!! Learn the truth before you speak or shut your pie hole !!!

  11. Charles William Waltemath

    It wont be published because you block the truth so your fraud will prevail and will cause a war.

  12. As a result of an epiphany, no doubt, Biden now thinks unlimited abortion is just fine, so the preborn have no rights.

  13. Victoria Jean Gordon

    I was a bit worried about Biden because of the bad press he received as Vice President. But even if he puts his foot in his mouth from time to time (who doesn’t) he seems like a good and intelligent person and has surrounded himself with good and intelligent people (starting with his wife)! And occasionally saying the wrong thing is better than doing the wrong thing as we have watched Trump do for the last four years.

  14. you’re the town IDIOT….it figures that your failure in life creats your SELF ESTEEM issues.
    as it’s been said many times, the uneducated support the Corrupt politician tRUMP and we’re all constantly reenforced by your low esteem spouting…
    Doubt that you know how to google, but get someone smarter(probably anyone) to search
    tRUMP’s Wharton School professor who stated “he was the dumbest student he
    ever had.” By the way, tRUMP can’t hold a complete thought in his head when talking.

  15. He will be a super nice change to what we have had to endure the last 4 years. I look forward to watching him unite this country, He shows all the traits of a human being worthy of occupying the Oval Office. The next 4 years will truly be a game changer. Only hope the Republican Party will support him

  16. Most of these facts you can look up yourself. There have been many presidents that have gone through many hardships. But this. Is just an editorial. No NEW facts.

  17. I remember hearing Mr. Biden had a stroke at one time but not sure if it was a TIA or something worse from which he recovered. Shouldn’t prevent anyone from political life, but having worked with Seniors for many years it appears there is a delay in his thought process at times and zero to sixty spurts of anger over a simple question he wasn’t prepared for. I have heard him speak from his heart and then the next speech is read from a teleprompter and he appears to fake toughness and shouting the expressions his speech writer might have coached him on usually to trash President Trump. Let the man be the man. I’m no expert, so my comment can be disregarded altogether.

  18. Now he Sleepy Joe is an ILLIGETIMATE president and will be impeached starting January 2023 when Repubs retake the house. He has done everything and I mean EVERYTHING that our beloved Donald Trump has been falsely accused of.

  19. Such a bundle of loving thoughts,about our president to be.Non of the real issues of his personality or deeds.How simple,but would you ever had done such a simple,loving talk of president Trump ?No,i think not.

  20. I heard he was having an affair with Jill when they were married to others. She and her husband were working on Joe’s campaign.

  21. China Joe Biden is the biggest mistake in US history. Obama was the second mistake. Both were/are never qualified for the office. You can blame the MSM for hiding their real agendas. The DOJ and FBI needs to investigate how the 5 Swing States that violated the US Constitution votes were overlooked and were accepted as valid electors. Every one involved needs to be held accountable and acccept responsible for a faux election.

  22. You forgot to include his two Brain Aneurysms (one left side and one right side), which means he has virtually NO Live Brain parts left!

    1. Loss of 11,000 jobs. Higher gas prices & cost of goods. More illegal aliens entering the US as Covid 19 spreads across the US, more cities burning, more violence, costly Climate Accord, Chinese communist country will become more powerful, into another war or two, Iran just weeks away from getting a nuclear bomb, God help this country under lack of leadership by Joe Biden. He should have retired 5 years ago,

    2. Joe is an empty vessel. So far, loss of 11,000 jobs, higher gas prices at the pump, more illegal aliens streaming into this country, more layoffs, weaker US, another war in Syria, Iran just weeks away from getting a nuclear weapon. God help this country under Joe Biden!!!

  23. Sorry about your hearing problem; perhaps hearing aids would help. They are much cheaper now than they once were.

  24. Why must we “turn away” from the voter fraud issue? Because your disinformation machine says so? Joe Biden’s puppeteers stole this election and this lying windbag will begin to do China’s bidding and lead our Republic into the toilet…

  25. The biden family has too many corrupt connections to that cesspool of a country China and the laptop makes it as clear as day that he is in bed with china. Its further easy to believe that he will sell the US out to the cesspool for his own benefit. If his ties to china were know and the money he pockets from china was talked about he would not have gotten one vote.

  26. He’s a career politician and a corrupt politician. Part of the swamp. Our taxes are going to skyrocket and our freedoms taken away from us slowly and surely by this socialist. You stupid people, ignorant people who forced him on us by fraud will be sorry , mark my words. His policies will be the ruination of this country.

  27. After being a politicion all these years how could the man have an origonal idea in his head?? Recycle Recycle Recycle!

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