19 Items in Your Home That Are a Huge Waste of Money

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New products seem to be popping up all the time, especially the famous (or infamous) household gadgets. How many ads have you seen for items that promise increased efficiency either on TV or online? They’re everywhere!

Here’s the thing, though. Most of the time, the people behind these inventions are kind of trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Is this necessary? No! Does it make them a ton of money? Absolutely.

So, to save you YOUR money and space around the house, we’ve rounded up some items that are no only useless, but they’re a complete waste of money to boot!

Garlic Press

Virtually everyone we know owns a garlic press, so you might think they’re on to something. But no, we consider this to be a useless invention that just takes up unnecessary space in your drawers.

Even the low price of $4 is not worth it when you can simply use the flat side of a good knife or a mortar and pestle to crush your garlic up. Plus, the mortar and pestle can be used for a variety of things in the kitchen, so you’re getting more mileage on it than a garlic press.

Also, most chefs don’t use them, so why should you?

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3 thoughts on “19 Items in Your Home That Are a Huge Waste of Money”

  1. actually I love my egg cooker. the eggs are easy to peel and that isn’t the case with eggs boiled on a pot. It is easy to do and shuts off automatically. I am only cooking for one and 6 eggs are the perfect amount for me.

  2. Dumbest article I ever read.
    Some of us have hand problems or disability s and need electric can openers
    Or we have allot of jewelry thats too fine to store in egg crates.

    Get a life

  3. I thoroughly agree with most of what you said. Except for the Salad Spinner. I received one as a wedding present way back in 1977 and have used it every single time I make a salad or use some lettuce for any dish. I hate a salad that has water running around the bottom of the bowl. And unless you enjoy shaking lettuce at the kitchen sink for several minutes or wasting paper towels trying to dry it, and still not get the lettuce drip free, the spinner is perfect! And as far as taking up space, it’s only the size of a medium to large cooking pot. And IMO a must have in every kitchen. If mine ever breaks, I’ll be purchasing another one immediately! P.S. I have one with a crank. I can’t speak of the ones with a string to pull, but they may not be as of good quality.

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