7 Predictions of the End of the World That Unsurprisingly Failed

Image By Tithi Luadthong From Shutterstock

We have all seen that character in apocalyptic cinema ringing a bell while adorned with a sandwich board that reads ‘The end is nigh’, and although that might have come from the pen of a scriptwriter creating the latest Hollywood disaster movie, the proclaimers of the coming end of the world are not as fictional as you might think.

Over the past few millennia, many have claimed to know that the end truly was nigh, even providing specific dates. Whether through staring at the night sky or receiving a message directly from God himself, the people featured on this list have convinced themselves, and in most cases a quite astounding amount of others, that tomorrow will not be a new day, but the last day on Earth.

So, here are 7 predictions of the coming apocalypse that didn’t exactly arrive on time.


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