10 Things Not to Wear on a Plane

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Figuring out what to wear for your next beach vacation? First, you should think about your travel outfit! And…even if it feels fun to dress up a little for your flying day, don’t do it! Comfortable means happy, so keep the fashion in your suitcase.

Some outfits are just not meant for traveling, at least not when it comes to planes. Don’t exaggerate with your travel outfit for the sake of fashion…

With that in mind, read on to find out the things you should never wear on an airplane. 

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33 thoughts on “10 Things Not to Wear on a Plane”

  1. David R Johnson

    Please do not wear shorts on an aircraft because if you have to go down the slide you will be hurt by the end of the slide. I never wear shorts and change when I get to my destination.

  2. you forgot the most important especially given covid-19 – short shirt shirts/ blouses or open arm dresses and for women, low cut v-neck blouses or no bras.

    1. Ok. Worry much. Every time I fly I’m in sweatshirts and a t shirt. And Sandals. I want nothing that slow me down in security. Could you spend more time to worrying about unlikely bull shit.

  3. Admittedly most of these items seem geared towards females, however, although obvious, good lost. After all; after being warned repeatedly not to drive through standing g water, idiots die attempting to do it each year.
    Safe travels.

    1. Of course you can wear LEGGINGS!!!!
      I almost always wear leggings for travel day. In your example, you sited a very specific instance in which the travelers were using a special pass and were subject to the airlines restrictions.

  4. Erl J (Maui Boy)

    I’m glad wearing a photo vest isn’t one of them… it has many pockets for candy bars, granola bars, ear plugs, chewing gum, phone, notebook, a small paperback book selected just for this trip, passport, and bigger pockets for water bottles (purchased once inside the airfield security), and a smaller magazine or two in the biggest pocket down the back… all handy to get to without having to leave my seat…
    It might be an option even IF you never take a single picture of anything on the trip… LOL
    * * *

    Until that time. . .

  5. If you’re a heavy smoker, please leave your usual smoke-encrusted jacket at home. It stinks and many of us are allergic to smoke.

  6. In regards to the last one, regular passengers are permitted to wear leggings. Pass riders are normally employees and they do have a dress code that they must follow, so I can see them being denied boarding. Plus, it makes sense to carry a full outfit in your carryon, just in case of cancelled flights that require you to spend the night at your originating airport. For myself, I wear a suit for my job and I travel very often (2 or 3 times per month) and I always fly in khaki, or camouflage shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers. I have learned over the years to dress in comfort. I also fly first class most of the time and have never been given any flak for flying like that. In the older days of flying, people who flew in FC, had somewhat of a dress code. But flying is not the same since then.

    1. You make some good points.
      Whether First class or Economy….. there aren’t dress codes per say, but one can still look pulled together, and be comfortable.
      You’re right- flying is not the same as it once was.
      Airports now resemble bus stations in terms of what people deem appropriate for travel.

      1. Yes, flying today is much different. Remember when smoking was allowed ? I actually did smoke at one time. Dumb.
        What bothers me the most is ignorance.
        Golfing , scuba diving, driving, skiing, etc. Anytime you are interacting with one another, it’s no longer about you. It’s about the environment, game rules,
        Other life. If you want to “ be in the game” , be a great player. At least be good. Take care.

  7. I would also add choose shoes that dont have steel toes or metal. Especially if you have TSA precheck. Slip on and off shoes work great and you dont waste time at security. Pull off your belts before you get to the security check as you will be able to fly through quicker and not hold up others behind you.

  8. FYI … Do not wear polyester ,if there is a fire on the plane it will burn very fast. Wear cotton clothing. You need to let passengers know this is very important also you can call before flight and find out if there is a dangerous chemical being ship in cargo. That is your Right.
    Your welcome

  9. James Austin Maloy

    I agree with above bowel movement and one not whipping/washing themselves adequately before entering or seating in the plane. Even when leaving there seat the smell lingers and remains on the seat.

  10. I would add to not wear lots of heavy jewelry – can slow time going through security and get caught on other clothing while in the seat. If you have to take the bling, stow it in the carry on.

  11. Speaking of odors …. As an asthmatic, I find that heavy fragrances can trigger an attack. For some, heavy fragrances can trigger migraines. Please keep it light or better yet, none at all while traveling in close quarters.

  12. # 10 United had a very strict dress code for non-rev buddy pass passengers at that time and anyone who was lucky enough to have that privilege had to acknowledge that rule.

  13. Suggest long pants that are ankle length and slim (if not loose leggings) because if /when you get stuck circling on one of these planes, or flying somewhere for gas after circling, the restroom floor seems to be the second toilet, and I would prefer not to have my pants leg bottom touch it. Ever….

  14. Stephenia Tyler

    Because of body scanning, I wear a skirt and blouse. This makes it easier to see anything that could possibly be hidden on your person….

  15. I’m no fan of foot odor but I’ve never smelled feet that were clean and didn’t spend the day inside tight shoes. Shower or bathe in advance and your feet won’t stink.

  16. I simply don’t fly anymore ! It’s become a nasty hostile environment . Tickets are unreasonably high and the ride isn’t worth it . Flight attendants aren’t professional or courteous or even pretend to be anymore , I miss the old days so I’ll drive , much better , calmer , no flight delays or TSA !

  17. SMH at the oft-repeated advice to dress in layers on a flight because it is supposedly so cold. Where are all these cold planes? I have never been cold on a plane, but I have often been too warm. Take along a jacket and scarf on a flight in the summer? I don’t think so.

  18. I don’t advise wearing a parachute either . It makes everyone very nervous plus you might miss your flight due to long interviews in the TSA office . That said , I personally understand why some might wear one .

  19. I went to my cousins wedding in Indiana, I saw so many women wearing complicated shoes, I wore my slip on sneakers, and was done with security so quick, it pays to think ahead.

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