8 Famous Americans That Passed Away While on the Throne

Imagine for a second the worst, most embarrassing way to die. How about sitting on the throne? No, we’re not talking about a gilded throne, we’re talking about the toilet…

It sounds ridiculous but it’s not impossible, as proven by today’s list!

Most urban legends around these types of deaths are preposterous, like alligators attacking an unsuspecting victim, jumping out of the depths of a toilet. Or people getting stung by spiders or worse, pestilence infected rats.

Our favorite myth is the one about a guy that gets sucked out of an airplane, mid-air, while doing his business.

All jokes aside, the deaths that we’re going to talk about today really did happen and while they’re tragic, they’re not as ridiculous as you might think!

Portrait of Elvis Presley.
Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

1. Elvis Presley: The King Died On The Throne

Oh, how the mighty fall…

Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, also known as just ‘the King’ started off as a poor boy from Mississippi. Nobody could have suspected that a simple truck driver could turn the world on its head!

That much fame, amassed in such a short amount of time, however, was not kind on Elvis. At the age of 42, he looked closer to 57, likely due to his pill habit, which many knew was out of control.

In August 1977, Ginger Alden, his fiance, found the king collapsed in the bathroom. He was covered in vomit and, most notably, his pajamas were around his ankles. Most ironically of all, he was found alongside a book called The Scientific Search For The Face Of Jesus.

Cardiac arrhythmia was listed as his cause of death, though many speculate that he died of a heart attack, likely caused by straining on the toiled due to severe constipation.

The theory goes that this ailment was caused by his prescription opiate addiction. Sadly, we won’t know for sure until 2027 due to his sealed autopsy report.

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